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Sophie Turner Is Hollywood's Chillest, Funnest Mom-To-Be

She's thinking of naming her baby Basil, if it's a boy, or Advil, if it's a girl—she's kidding, of course. (Or is she?)

She never planned on marrying in her early 20s, but pregnancy? That was always in the books for Sophie Turner and husband Joe Jonas.

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Here's a little ICYMI background for those in need of reminding of this beautifully quirky husband and wife team: they first became an item in 2016 when they were spotted in LA, where Joe is from, and around town in London, where Sophie used to be based.

Since the holidays that year, they had zero qualms in hiding their relationship from anyone and everyone who shot curious looks at them (including the press!) during nights out, and in October 2017, they were engaged!

She was 21 at the time and people were pretty shocked that she was ready to settle down at a relatively young age, but the pair made it clear that they were dead serious about each other and marriage couldn't happen too soon for them.

Two years later in 2019, they were married; they had a first  elopement-style wedding in Las Vegas that took place in one of its famous wedding chapels frequented by young lovers (which was "very Sophie," according to those who knew her best), and a second, more elegant ceremony in France where the Game of Thrones actress got us all teared up when she walked down the aisle in her Louis Vuitton wedding dress.

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Alright, now that you're up to speed with this relationship, we can talk about their newest update: they're expecting!

They made the big announcement this month and the Internet exploded with a million and one things to say to and about the parents-to-be, complete with congratulations, excited emojis, bets on baby names, and of course, predictions on what kind of parents they'll be. 

The last point is where things get interesting because these two—but especially Sophie!—have carved out a reputation for themselves for being totally fun and chill and plain weird (in an endearing way) when it's least expected, so adding a baby to that mix will definitely be a sight to see.


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Just recently, they sat down for one of their first interviews as parents in the making, and their responses were, well, right in character.

Check out some of the most memorable quotes from the brief, but highly entertaining as per usual, chat below. 

On pregnancy being an accident, maybe:

"No, of course not. Joe: We wanted to get pregnant." - Sophie

"We wanted to get pregnant." - Joe 

On baby names:

"If it’s a girl, we like the name Advil. And if it’s a boy, Matthew."

"The name Basil is also an option… if it’s a boy." - Sophie

On their birth plans: 

"My plan is to push this baby out, preferably before its due date, while being doped up on pain killers and with as little damage to my hoo-haw as possible, so I can still feel pleasure afterwards." - Sophie

On his wife's oversharing: 

"She ONLY asked if we had talked to our parents about the plan!" - Joe


Now, basing their future as first-time parents on that, it sure does look like this baby is in for quite a ride, isn't it?

But really, we're sure that these two are going to make lovely parents ready to raise an even lovelier family, the kind that's capable of finding a better baby name than Advil, should they welcome a baby girl—maybe. Hopefully. 

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