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Spice, Spice, And Even More Spice: Why Bangkok Will Always Be The Favorite City Of EIC On The Move’s Raul Manzano

“I fly to Bangkok just to eat,” Metro Society Editor-in-Chief and host of Metro Channel’s EIC on the Move Raul Manzano shared.


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And that’s when he started talking about his constant hankering for Thai favorites like Pad Thai and Tom Yum and at the time of the interview—which was, by the way, 9 in the morning—I was already thinking about getting Pad Thai for lunch, or morning snack to be honest. That’s how enthusiastic he was when describing his love for Thai food. 




Pad Thai, the most popular Thai Food at Greyhound Cafe

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If Serena Williams was flown to Italy by her husband just because she was craving for some Italian food, Raul sometimes does the same. He devotes around four to five times a year to fly to Bangkok (he’s visiting Bangkok again, in August or September this year) to scout for old favorite food spots and to try new restaurants. But when his schedule doesn’t permit, he whips up his own versions of Thai dishes that are as close as possible to the traditional recipes. He even took up cooking classes in Chiang Mai to learn how Thais do it.



For someone who is obsessed with spicy food, he likes how Thais fire up their dishes with a generous amount of pepper and chili. And where else can you find the best food adventure than the famous streets of Bangkok? Take it from someone who is well-travelled, he said that to really get to experience the authenticity of a country’s cuisine, one must really be willing to scout the streets for the best finds. Unlike the fancy restaurants, street food hubs have open kitchens that are free for everyone to observe—the manner of cooking, the ingredients being used, all the things we won’t see inside a fine dining hall, you’ll see on the streets.



In Bangkok, almost every street is packed with unexpected food finds that will take you straight up to Pad Thai heaven. Raul swears by the consistency of taste and flavor of every street food stall he's been to, which is the reason why he doesn’t have a specific go-to street for his cravings.




Night market #bangkok #bangkokstreetfood #bangkokshopping

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But while Raul is all praises for the wonders of a street food dining experience, this EIC on the move is also fond of ritzy restaurants in Bangkok. He shared with us a list of his most favorite fine dining spots—all of which are included among Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants—in his number one favorite city. Ranked from good to best, here are his top three choices:



Being a fan of traditional Thai cuisine, Raul particularly likes the fact that Nahm, the acclaimed restaurant of COMO Metropolitan Bangkok hotel, sources some of their ingredients from the Royal Project in Chiang Mai, an initiative to introduce alternative crops to hill tribes, sponsored by the King of Thailand.



Nahm inside COMO Metropolitan Bangkok on Sathon Tai Road (photo courtesy of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants)



Ranked No. 4 in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018 list, Sühring is owned by twin chefs Thomas and Mathias who showcase the best of their German roots combined with the essence of traditional dishes. A fusion of German and Thai cuisine, Raul’s favorites in Sühring are Himmel und Erde (which means Heaven and Earth) with crispy potatoes, black pudding, and green apple and Spätzle (soft egg noodle found in southern Germany.)


Sühring’s garden setting in a quiet neighborhood in central Bangkok (photo by Tinnaphop Tonitiwong courtesy of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants)



A one Michelin-starred restaurant in Bangkok, Paste is Raul’s #1 favorite among all the other fancy dining halls in the city. He loves the heirloom Thai cuisine inspired by century-old cooking techniques with ingredients often sourced directly from local growers. He’s particular about Paste’s signature dishes like roast duck with nutmeg and coriander, fragrant hot and sour soup with crispy pork leg, and yellow curry from the Gulf of Thailand. Paste’s Chef Bongkoch “Bee” Satongun was named “Asia’s Best Female Chef” at this year’s Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants ceremony where Paste entered for the first time at No. 31 on the list.


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About lunch today at one Michelin star Paste at Gaysorn Plaza - 1. Watermelon, ground salmon with fried shallots and roasted galangal powder 2. Roasted duck, nutmeg and sawtooth coriander on rice cracker 3. Tapioca dumpling of Royal Projecr smoked trout, roasted peanuts, Thai mustard leaf and wild sesame 4. Old style hot and sour soup of crisp pork leg, roast tomatoes and fried garlic in a smoky chicken broth 5. Pomelo salad of char-grilled Scarlet prawns, Asian citron, chili jam and gapi khoei plankton paste 6. Panaeng curry of Australian grain-fed beef, toasted peanuts and Thai sweet basil 7. Deconstructed Thai ice tea . . . #eiconthemove #eicatdinner #pastebangkok @pastebangkok #lunch #michelinstar #onemichelinstar #heirloomthaicuisine #pastegaysorn #food #instafood #socialenvy #foodies #foodiegram #foodiehub #instagood #delicious #foodielife #fresh #tasty #food #delish #deliciousness #delicious #eating #happytummy #foodiesofinstagram #foodpic #foodpics #eat #hungry

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Paste in Gaysorn Village across the famous Erawan shrine (photo courtesy of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants)


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