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In Photos: Steal Patti Grandidge-Herrera's Best Maternity Looks!

August has come around, which means entrepreneur Patti Grandidge-Herrera is about to meet her baby boy!



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In the past nine months characterized by whirlwind emotions and tons of new lessons learned, this mommy-in-the-making has admitted to feeling all sorts of ups and downs and in-betweens about expecting her first child with husband Jon Herrera. Just like all moms holding their breath for motherhood for the first time, Patti has days when she's filled with excitement about this lifelong journey that's about to begin, and others where she's wracked with worry about whether or not she'll be a good mom. 

While Patti knows that her life will be forever changed by welcoming a child, she knows that the change will be a good one; the joy of having a baby is incomparable, and this to her is worth the rollercoaster of anticipation for how things will turn out to be. 



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Yet by the look of her social media feeds, it truly looks like she's enjoying every step of the way. Pregnancy and motherhood, after all, are both happy occasions, and despite the stress they can bring about, are meant to be special times in one's life that can be looked back on with a lot of fondness. One look at her Instagram reveals all the fun ways she's dressed up her growing baby bump; fashion has always been one of Patti's great loves, and seeing her incorproate it in her pregnancy has made her friends and followers enjoy being on this journey with her. 

Patti and Jon waited five years after they wed before having a baby, and in the last few days when they're simply "husband and wife" and not quite "mom and dad" just yet, this lovely couple has been keen on keeping us on our feet about all the inner details about their bundle of joy: we've yet to learn his name (the hashtag #babypheartj has been the only way Patti has been calling him by), what his nursery might look like, and even his actual due date!

There's so much to look forward to when it comes to becoming a mom for the first time, and so, to inject a healthy dose of baby-related positivity in everyone's lives today, we've rounded up all of our favorite outfits Patti has donned in the last few months. 

One look at how pretty her motherhood glow is, and we're sure you can't help but smile! 




Photos from @pattigrand