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EXCLUSIVE: Reigning Binibining Cebu On Beauty As An Instrument To Make An Impact In People’s Lives

A woman who has character and personality is what Binibining Cebu 2018 Steffi Aberasturi considers to be beautiful. It’s a winning combination she wants to ingrain in her core as well.

Not a newbie to the pageant scene—as she was previously named as Ms. Sinulog 2011, Ms. IPI 2012, Ms. Mandaue 2013, Reyna ng Aliwan 2014, and Ms. Beauche International 2015—this 24-year-old Cebuana fulfills her latest role as a beauty queen with overflowing excitement for what’s to come ahead.


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“I recently won Binibining Cebu. It’s great because we have projects and more events,” Steffi shares. “I joined the pageant because I want to work towards my goals in life, and slowly, I’m achieving them. I started helping out other people in my own way. It’s really nice that I can do that in my own terms.”



For Steffi, being a beauty queen is a great opportunity to draw attention to worthy causes. With her beauty, she radiates confidence in serving as an inspiration to women, showing them that they too can push for advocacies they believe in and help spread awareness to spark change. “I want to do something everyday. I always schedule my day ahead of time, even a month or even two months before,” she reveals. 

Steffi has been selling native bags online, so she thought it was perfect for her advocacy to zoom in on promoting Philippines’ culture. Hers is an advocacy that comes with dual purpose: one is to keep the tradition of weaving alive and the other is to give weavers profitable opportunities while they pursue their crafts. “Weaving promotes our history, our culture. I want to revive that age-old tradition and let the weavers see the true value of their crafts, and give them, especially women, opportunities to learn and to generate income,” Steffi explains.

Her love for the Philippines extends to its amazing beaches, too. “I love the beach,” she quips, sharing that Siargao is her favorite summer destination. She loves surfing and is, in fact, working on getting a license for scuba diving. “I want to not just see the world that we have on the surface but also what’s underneath,” she shares.



These frequent trips to the beach require her to always be in skin-baring clothes, something she has no qualms about because she’s confident with how her body looks and how her skin is healthy from within. “It’s because I have d-Alpha Tocopherol (Myra E) to help me,” she reveals. “What I get a lot is people praising my skin. It’s always the case. It's really flattering, and I can't stop thanking d-Alpha Tocopherol (Myra E) for being one of my partners every day.”





Drinking d-Alpha Tocopherol (Myra E) —along with drinking 8 or more glasses of water—is a staple in her daily routine. Apart from that, she also tries to work out with a personal trainer twice or thrice a week to sweat out, burn the calories, and tone up certain areas of her body, like her legs. “Exercising is really tiring but it makes me feel good,” Steffi says, stressing the importance of having self-discipline and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


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Her job as a beauty queen is never easy. Looking great all the time is part of it, and dealing with people’s expectations is what she thinks is the most challenging part about being in the pageant industry. But Steffi is unfazed, knowing that she won for a reason. She notes, “It’s not just about the crown, but most importantly, it is how you use your beauty and confidence to make an impact in other people’s lives.”


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