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EXCLUSIVE: Sunshine Dizon On How Motherhood Has Changed Her And How It Was Like On The Set Of "Mystified"

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There are four beautiful women in the room getting their hair and makeup done, chatting and waiting. One of the women is quietly fitting dresses. This woman, with straight, blunt, and dark hair, may seem like she has a lot on her mind, but she always smiles and laughs when talking to others and is alert and ready when her name is called. When it’s time to be interviewed, she answers each question patiently and clearly—no trailing off, no meandering, and with only few pauses in between. Sunshine Dizon is lovely, astute, and a true professional.

The four women—Iza Calzado, Diana Zubiri, Karylle, and Sunshine Dizon—are getting ready for their Metro.Style photo shoot promoting their new movie on iflix, Mystified. Filming is done and the movie will be released soon.


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Photo from @m_sunshinedizon


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Parang kahapon pa rin. Walang nagbago sa amin,” Sunshine reflects. “What’s good with our friendship is that it’s never changed. We all have our own things going on but whenever we see each other, it’s the same.” It’s been over a decade since they last worked together in a fantasy show. “I was a little emotional on our first day (of filming), seeing us all in costume. 'Wow,' I thought, 'We’re doing this again!' It was really fun and it’s nice to see all the girls. We’ve matured and gave our own input for the production. It was very exciting.”

Filming the movie had its share of challenges, particularly physically. Sunshine and the other actresses did their own stunts during the action scenes. “We’re used to it. In our previous show, we did our own stunts but s'yempre, things have changed. May edad na rin ng slight at mahirap na mag-harness. And it’s been a while. Nu'ng first day, after the rehearsal, puro Salonpas 'yung buong katawan ko,” she laughs. “Pero we’re all still graceful at maniniwala ka naman na kaya pa rin namin lumaban."

Coming up with a movie for their fans has always been a dream for these ladies, ever since they first worked together. Sunshine tells Metro.Style, “I think it was about two or three years ago, when we had a Christmas reunion over at Direk Mark’s house, that I said, ‘If we’re going to just wait around, I don’t think it (the reunion project) will ever come about. It would be nice if we could just produce something on our own.’ Direk Mark heard us talking and said there could be a possible project and buti naman natuloy na, after several years, on iflix.”


“I was a little emotional on our first day (of filming), seeing us all in costume. 'Wow,' I thought, 'We’re doing this again!'"


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Sunshine, Karylle, Iza, and Diana with Direk Mark A. ReyesPhoto from @m_sunshinedizon


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Aside from Mystified, Sunshine feels blessed to be busy with other projects and pursuits. She has a new show, is doing an indie film with Gabby Eigenmann and Director Ralston Jover, and manages a nail salon along Pioneer in Mandaluyong. She also spends as much time as she can with her two children.

When asked how she juggles motherhood, entrepreneurship, and showbiz, Sunshine answered that she was thankful to have some good support at home. “My ‘angels’ are there to watch over my children while I’m at work. As much as possible, I try my best to spend quality time with my kids.” Her daughter Doreen is currently in the second grade, while her son Anton is in the first grade. “If there’s anything important in school that I have to attend, I see to it that I’m there,” she adds.


"As much as possible, I try my best to spend quality time with my kids”


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Sunshine with kids Doreen and Anton | Photo from @m_sunshinedizon


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Sunshine’s tone became serious when asked about her ex-husband, Timothy Tan, and how her kids are doing. “He (Timothy) does his part naman. He brings the kids to school and whatever they need from him, he’s able to provide. As long as okay 'yung mga bata, I’m okay. I’m at a point in my life where I do not make this an issue anymore. I’m just very thankful and fortunate that despite our situation, the kids are alright. They have adjusted well. For now, okay na 'yun,” she says.

Sunshine shares how motherhood has changed her: “I do a lot of things to make sure that they have a good future and are okay in the present. As a mother, I find time for my kids, no matter how busy I am, para they don’t feel that mama is always at work. And I’m very particular now with the roles that I accept. In the future, 'pag napanood nila 'yung trabaho ko, will they be proud?” Mystified, for one, is a movie she can be proud of—for old fans, new fans, and especially her kids.


"As long as okay 'yung mga bata, I’m okay... I’m just very thankful and fortunate that despite our situation, the kids are alright"


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"Real friendships in this industry are hard to come by, but we’ve kept our bond for so long"


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“We hope that people, the fans, will be happy to see us together again after several years and be inspired by our friendship and what we’ve become,” Sunshine says. She is grateful for the chance to work with the women she considers not just friends, but family. She adds, “Real friendships in this industry are hard to come by, but we’ve kept our bond for so long. No matter how busy we are, nandito pa rin kaming apat. We’re soul sisters.”


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