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Learn More About Self-Care And Self-Love On Tricia Centenera's New Web Series, “Talk With Tricia”

Self-love, overall wellness, and inspiring stories from women who have made it and continue to be their best

Metro Channel's Driven host Tricia Centenera is back—this time in a series of short web episodes that will tackle self-care, beauty, and overall wellness.

We’ve known Tricia as a model, blogger, and the entrepreneur behind Talulah’s Closet and Skin by Talulah. Amidst the many online fashion stores and brands, Talulah’s Closet stands out by providing sustainable fashion, letting women rent and return high-quality clothes from Australian brands. And shortly after the success of Talulah’s Closet, Tricia came out with Skin by Talulah, which offers vegan, cruelty-free, and all-natural skincare products that many have come to love. The brand mimics her love for the environment, and endeavors to show people that you can both take care of yourself and the nature around you.

Talulah's Closet (Image from @triciacentenera)
Skin by Talulah (Image from @triciacentenera)

She was the host of former Metro Channel show, Driven, where she would visit inspiring women to hear their stories and insights. Driven has brought her to the homes and workshops of many talented and successful women like Department of Tourism Secretary Berna Romulo-Puyat, local artisan Zarah Juan, self-made CEO Rebecca Bustamante, and the late environment advocate Gina Lopez.

Driven Women For the World


Driven Women For the World

Talk with Tricia

Now, Tricia is channeling her passion for discovering great stories and great practices to take care of oneself on Talk with Tricia, a new web series that features one-on-one interviews with successful and on-the-go women on what keeps them at their best. It’s all about talking beauty routines, making time for oneself despite busy schedules, getting into wellness, and finding peace in this fast-paced world.

Talk with Tricia is essentially a pause from the daily grind, something that we all need, especially in these times of uncertainty and change where everything is happening so fast and so many factors and stressors are fighting for our attention. And for Tricia, someone who has found immense and deep love for herself in the last years after recovering from a failed relationship, the series is the perfect opportunity to discover more people who share the same thoughts and advocacies as hers.

Rachel Peters on Talk with Tricia

“Sharing truths in an honest and safe space, where everyone can speak up and say exactly what’s on their mind has been one of my priorities. And in this show, I have welcomed and nurtured self-love by showing new perspectives and self-care tips from people who have invested so much in putting themselves first,” opens Tricia about the show.

And indeed, Talk with Tricia will open with a strong lineup of women who have all found peace and comfort in their busy and stressful lives—all by changing their perspective, doing better things for their mind and body, and coming into terms with who they are and what they want.



Talk with Tricia premieres on October 19, 8 p.m., on YouTube and IGTV. And for her first guest, Tricia visits model, photographer, and meditation coach Sara Black to know more about her transition from a busy bee into a mindful yogi.

Sara Black on Talk with Tricia

Sara Black is a very successful model-turned-photographer whose works have graced hundreds of magazine covers and billboards. But one day, while preparing for an Iron Man race, Sara got into an accident and broke her hips. This has pushed her to reconsider her lifestyle and pause for a moment, eventually bringing her to India to take a break and heal.

“Yoga is not a practice anymore it’s your life. Yoga is essentially meant to yoke your body, your mind, and your spirit together. You’re mindfully putting together the food that you eat, how you talk to people, how to be compassionate,” shares Sara.

These are the kinds of stories that Talk with Tricia will be featuring: stories of healing, of finding oneself, of finding peace. And in the next weeks, Tricia will be talking to other successful women such as Amanda Griffin-Jacob, Bubbles Paraiso, Kiana Valenciano, Kelly Misa, Max Collins, Rachel Peters, and more.

Amanda Griffin-Jacobs on Talk with Tricia
"I Wanted To Depict Women With A Feminine Eye." Photographer Sara Black Celebrates 15 Years In The Industry


"I Wanted To Depict Women With A Feminine Eye." Photographer Sara Black Celebrates 15 Years In The Industry

Kiana Valenciano on Talk with Tricia
Kelly Misa-Fernandez on Talk with Tricia

“You are the only one who has the power to think positive thoughts for yourself,” says Tricia in one of her Instagram posts—and on Talk with Tricia, the power of the mind and the self is really one of the things that shine through. You’ll find that you don’t necessarily need to travel the world on foot or turn your diet 180 degrees just to reinvent yourself. Sometimes, all you need is to commit to it.


Catch fresh episodes of Talk with Tricia every Saturday, 8 p.m., on Metro.Style’s YouTube and IGTV.