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10 Things "2gether: The Series" Actors Bright Vachirawit And Win Metawin Have In Common

You can now watch these Thai heartthrobs in their trending show, "2gether: The Series," via iWant and, soon, on Asianovela Channel. Here, find out more about BrightWin

Finally, Filipinos can now watch the story of Sarawat and Tine in hit Thai Boys Love series 2gether: The Series via iWant. As a treat to major fans of this trending loveteam, 2gether lead actors Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin were invited for another exclusive interview with ABS-CBN Entertainment (the first one, their first-ever international interview in fact, was held last May 8). There, we got to know more about these Thai heartthrobs, and discovered that like their onscreen characters, they're lovable in real life too!

Before you watch (or re-watch) 2gether: The Series, which was released on iWant last June 28 and will be launched on Asianovela Channel on July 4, we give you 10 interesting things Bright and Win have in common. 

Check out the gallery below to read the interesting facts the two actors shared about themselves during their BrightWin Live: The 2Gether PH Mediacon:

Watch their full interview here:

Photos from @bbrightvc @winmetawin