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The Crawfords Are Out And About In Napa Valley And Santa Monica, California: Here's What You Can Do There

For Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia this August, it's goodbye tropical rain, and hello California sunshine! 



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This newly wedded couple that built a connection with their mutual passion for travel is now touring two of the Golden State's many gems: west coast wine headquarters Napa Valley and Santa Monica, the outdoorsy person's dream of a vacation spot. It comes to no surprise that these lovebirds have chosen these destinations over Cali's more frequently visited locations as they're both voracious and adventurous travelers; exploring the unfamiliar is part and parcel of why they love to go around the world, and bonding over new experiences forms the fiber of their relationship. 

With Coleen heading to Hawaii for her bachelorette party, and the couple taking their pre-wedding shoots in Ethiopia, Thailand, and Rizal then holding their wedding in Balesin, it's clear this pair of globetrotters will continue to make travel a top priority.

So far, California looks like it's been meeting all their expectations and more judging by the looks of their Instagram photos; they're enjoying a well-balanced mix of urban and outdoor attractions, great food, opportunities to stay fit, lovely weather, dressing up in OOTDs, and of course, each other's company. 

To see what they were up to in their latest vacation, check out this gallery below, plus all our tips for what to do in Napa Valley and Santa Monica. Let it all inspire you to pack your bags and experience this itinerary just like Coleen and Billy did!




Napa Valley



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Known mostly for its wine and culinary scenes, Napa Valley is also well loved by many for its many nature reservoirs, pristine parks, and endless green sceneries. People who visit (or are lucky enough to reside here) spend most of their time outdoors, so take your cue from them; they know how to enjoy this Northern California destination best. Here's what you shouldn't miss here:


  • Hot air balloon rides: Up in the air, you'll be able to admire all of Napa County's geography. It's peaceful and quiet once among the clouds, giving way to much-needed relaxation. 
  • Napa Valley Wine Train: Luxurious wining and dining will define your evening, and the fact that you get to experience this while aboard restored antique rail trains makes it all the more memorable. 
  • Wine country trekking: Get to see Napa's forests and vineyards up close and meet the expert wine growers behind their world-famous wines while being treated to wine tastings and delicious meals througout the day.


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Santa Monica



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Summer never truly ends at Santa Monica where California's signature carefree vibe reigns supreme all year round. It's full of oceanside attractions and casual stops where not only the weather is warm and cheery, but the people, too! This is exactly what city beach living should look like, so make sure to take full advantage of your visit here with the following activities:


  • Santa Monica Pier: Nothing quite spells California nights out than spending time at a pier. Full of attractions that make guests of all ages smile, deliciously indulgent snacks, and photogenic spots, this location deserves a full afternoon. 
  • Runyon Canyon Park: If a city vacation isn't your cup of tea, head on over to this park that's a mere minutes drive away from urban landscape. Characterized by both mountain peaks and valley lows, it's a great workout and tourist vantage point in one. 
  • Santa Monica Farmers' Market: Fresh produce, we're coming for you! All of California's best and healthiest nibbles, sips, and bites are all centered here (yes to avocados galore!). It's foodie heaven, so visit with an empty stomach. 


Photos from @billycrawford @coleen