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The "Payneful" End: Are Cheryl Cole And Liam Payne Calling It Quits?

After two years of being together, UK singers Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne appear to have reached an insurmountable hurdle in their romance.

Fans were devastated to learn that the celebrity couple was undergoing "crisis talks" with their respective families over the seemingly bitter end to their relationship. Issues that have plagued them since the holidays last year have not been resolved, and despite being parents to an 11-month-old baby boy, Cheryl and Liam might be preparing to go their separate ways.



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The rumors went into full swing a few days after Valentine's Day when the former boy band member posted a close-up photo of Bear wearing a sleep suit with a sweet V-Day message for his mom. It was one of the first family-related images the star posted online after months of Cheryl and Bear's absence from his social media accounts.



Their collective followers quickly caught on to this and, since September of last year, have been posting comments asking Liam to post more photos of him and Cheryl. Their requests went unfulfilled, and the couple has not been publicly seen or photographed together since October 2017.



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Their dissatisfaction with each other was sparked by their starkly different schedules and priorities in life. Liam, after catapulting to fame as a previous One Direction member, is enjoying a soaring solo career and touring the US for months at a time, while Cheryl voluntarily took a break from the limelight to be a full-time mom.



Cheryl, who has had two marriages before Liam and dealt with infidelity with ex-husband Ashley Cole, was quick to clarify that there were no third parties involved. She has also expressed her wishes for Liam to make more quality time for his family, yet has rebuffed Liam's hints at tying the knot. On the other hand, Liam has been vocal about his desire for Cheryl to be more social and outgoing, noting that she prefers to stay at home and keep to herself rather than accompany him to important events.



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If indeed the couple is unable to manage their differences, it will be a sad fate for the relationship that began as one of the music industry's most memorable romances. Liam was a 14-year-old aspiring singer when he auditioned at the 2008 run of the X Factor, while 24-year-old Cheryl was part of the judging panel and called the him "cute." It was only eight years later in 2016 that they would introduce themselves as an official couple, much to the amusement of their fans and colleagues.



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Reports have stated that the couple is now evaluating their assets and discussing how to divide them should they separate. Liam was said to be worth £54M, and Cheryl valued at £20. It is still unclear who Bear will live with if their decision to split up pushes through.