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EXCLUSIVE: There Are More Reasons To Love About Alex Gonzaga As These Quotes From Toni Gonzaga Prove


To Toni Gonzaga, her sister Catherine (or Alex) is not just Toni Gonzaga's sister. To her, Alex is her own person. Alex doesn't feel the need to step out of her sister's shadow in showbiz, because Toni doesn't give her a reason to think they're in some competition where they need to outshine each other.

Alex respects the fact that her Ate is more knowledgeable than her on certain things, and while she is the type to stand by her own beliefs (an opinionated and sometimes stubborn lady at that), she also knows when it's time to finally listen to Toni, times when she acknowledges that she made a mistake or passed wrong judgment about something and needs her Ate's help in clearing her mind. Sometimes, that, too, is admirable, because it's never easy to accept one's mistakes.  


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Alex considers Toni her role model in different aspects in life, but perhaps unbeknown to her, Toni also sees her as an exemplary woman when it comes to being bright, cheerful, caring and personable. Not everyone has that undeniable charm and contagious energy like Alex's, and for Toni, these traits are just some of the things that make her sister truly one of a kind.         



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In their newly-released "book for sisters by sisters," titled Sissums: The 18 Rules of Sisterhood, According to Alex and Toni Gonzaga, more interesting and surprising things are revealed about Toni and the sisterhood between her and Alex.

If you find them funny, whether together or individually, and if you think their life story is inspiring, wait till you get your hands on their book—you will discover that there are more things to love about them.



"Sa totoo lang, si Catherine ang mas artista sa aming dalawa. Mas nauna lang akong nag-try sa showbiz. Mas nakakatawa s’ya, mas witty s’ya, at mas ma-banter s’ya. Mas maganda din s’ya, aminado naman ako d’yan"



"Maganda talaga ang personality ni Catherine. Nag-uumapaw s'ya sa pleasing personality"



"Kung may kinaiinggitan man ako kay Catherine, ’yun ay ’yung personality n’ya. Hindi kasi ako ganu’n eh. Catherine is very friendly and sociable... Nu'ng nakilala na s'ya as Alex Gonzaga, nag-shine talaga ang personality n'ya"



"Feeling ko kaya isang kapatid lang ang ibinigay sa’kin ni God eh dahil alam n’yang hindi ko na kailangan ng tatlo pang mga kapatid... si Catherine lang, sapat na. Masaya na ako"



"Wala naman talaga akong masabi sa pagiging TiNang n'ya... Now that I see her taking care of Seve, I realized na parang she's an extension of me when it comes to being protective. It's just that 'yung pagiging protective n'ya eh may hint ng kakulitan o wackiness"  



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