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There's A New Tita Of Manila, And You Have To See Her Adorable Photos With Her Cute Nephew

We can't help but keep on stalking all the adorable celebrity babies on Instagram. Now, here comes another one that you'd definitely want to see more of!



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We all love Scarlet Snow Belo and her charming ways, whether in the form of beautiful photographs or fun and highly entertaining videos. But the latest photos on Scarlet's Instagram account are doubly lovely; in a concept shoot with The Stork Studio, the little girl becomes a doting tita to her equally angelic nephew, Cristalle Belo and Justin Pitt's baby, Hunter James.

The world welcomed Hunter James last May. And Scarlet couldn't be a prouder tita; on her post, she says you can call now her "Scarletita." How witty is that?!


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On another post, Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho's darling daughter lists the top two things she'll do for her nephew: to teach him to believe in the magic of prayer and to ask her Ate Cristalle to allow him to sleepover every weekend so she can play with him!



Of course, Hunter James' mom can't help but express her delight with the two!



Now, since Scarlet can't get enough of Hunter James, she has a wish (or, a cute little request):



If and when the time comes that Scarlet becomes an ate, we're sure she'll be equally caring and protective towards her sibling, just like she is now as a tita.  


Photos from @scarletsnowbelo