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These Celebs Watched Lungs MNL—They Loved It And You Will, Too!

With The Sandbox Collective’s latest play "Lungs" by Duncan Macmillan on the roll, a big serving of feels was brought to a theatrical act by lead characters Sab Jose and Jake Cuenca. Since its opening this weekend, everyone's been talking about it, and those who have already seen the show are testament to its rawness and bare emotional ride.


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The story of W and M—two lovers, who open the story with a conversation on deciding to have a baby—revolves around the inevitable ups and downs people wanting to start a family go through. The relatable plotline leads to a conclusive resolution of a 90-minute act that brought laughter and tears to the audience.

The preview night last Friday at the Power Mac Center Spotlight in Circuit Makati was flocked by celebrities and personalities—and the showcase didn’t disappoint the tasteful. Moved by the powerful production—from the actors’ effective performances to the meaningful dialogues—here’s what the theater goers have to say! If you haven’t seen the play, their words might be enough reason to convince you why "Lungs" is a must-see:


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Nikki Gil-Albert

“I remember the desire, the excitement, the anticipation, the disappointment, the fear, the whole ride! Wow, Lungs MNL brought me back to actual conversations I’ve had with my husband in the privacy of our bedroom!” 



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We cannot agree more. "Lungs" will make you laugh like crazy, and you will find yourself agreeing (or not) with W and M. It’s because you know that what the characters go through actually happens in real life. Maybe, at some point, you’ve experienced it, too, and the play will make you think of all of it all over again. 



Kiana Valenciano

“It’s a rollercoaster—like I felt things in that show that I felt before, going through the arguments that they went through. It was very real.” 



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When you come and see the play, admit it or not, you might find something you share in common with the characters.



Lauren Reid

“It was overwhelming, but.. not.”



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Well, the same can be said for most relationships, including all its highs and lows.



Carla Humphries

“Lungs definitely made me hold my breath the whole entire play. It’s an amazing depiction of a real relationship. It tackles questions that are in every couples mind, and it’s a beautiful depiction of a revolution of a relationship.” 



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If there’s any takeaway from Lungs, it’s that the conversation is the answer to all the questions—and Jake and Sab fire them away passionately.



Enchong Dee

“I can remember you (Jake) talking about this and now you showed us how powerful of an actor you are LIVE! Your partner Sab was excellent.”



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'Lungs' is Jake’s first dabble in the theater stage, and it’s refreshing to see the veteran TV and movie actor showcase his acting chops for a play. It’s both a surprise for the audience and even for Jake himself.



Sam Lee

“The show was really an eye-opening experience. You know at our age, we don’t really think about the how actions affect what’s gonna happen in the future.”



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When we’re young and carefree, we tend to make decisions that are sometimes illogical because we're caught in the heat of the moment. "Lungs" depicts the consequences brought about by what you may think as just a simple "yes" or "no".   



BJ Pascual

“The end really got to me, how everything just moved so fast.”



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It's today’s fast-paced world, portrayed in the few minutes before curtain call—see "Lungs" for yourself and feel what living in the modern world can do to our relationships with our partners and even with ourselves.


Photos from @thesandboxco @sabjose