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#WearYourStory: These Empowered Women Share What It Takes To Reach The Top

Every woman—whether she’s a mother, a mentor, a leader, an entrepreneur, an advocate, an innovator—has a story to tell, and we assure you that it’s always compelling.

In this special campaign, #WearYourStory, SM Woman and Metro partner up to share the powerful stories of 60 inspiring women, real women who have not only found passion but purpose in what they do.

Hear their words, be moved by their stories and be inspired to share your own truth! #WearYourStory




Media icon



A woman made of sterner stuff, Ces Drilon tackled the newsroom with grit, delivering powerful stories and news from the field, which ultimately helped affect local policy. The award-winning broadcast journalist now takes on a new role as ABC-CBN’s lifestyle content head, bringing her brand of inspiring leadership and wont for truth onto a new platform.


“You cannot put a price on integrity, never compromise it. That’s the most important quality a person can have.”



Theater actress



With every performance, Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo surrenders herself to the spirit and power of the stage, taking on different roles to help tell a story. While others fear that she may lose too much of herself in the process, the exercise of getting into character actually only further empowers Menchu as its teaches her more about compassion, the essence of being human, and the need to always understand the other from their perspective.


“Your 20s are about getting to know who you are and making the mistakes. Then in your 30s and 40s, you learn to trim away the things that are not necessarily important anymore to you. I’ve learned that life is really about simplicity and what gives you inner peace. So now, whatever doesn’t help me grow or bring out the best in me, I let it go. “






Armed simply with a camera in hand and a fun sense of resourcefulness, Shaira Luna has become one of the most exciting photographers in the scene today. With every image that she captures, she invites us further into her world of romance and nostalgia. With her distinct creative imprint, Shaira elevates fashion photography to a new art form.


“Ever since I was a little kid, everything was planned out. Everything had a time limit, everything had to have a goal, so it was discouraging when things didn’t pan out as expected. I then realized that maybe I shouldn’t plan everything, maybe I should learn to take things day by day, and maybe I should learn to listen to more people and observe.


You can’t live life by the book, you can’t live life trying to live up to other people’s expectations and measure success by how much wealth you have. Instead, live in the moment and enjoy it.”



Style icon, host, model



Teresa Herrera is an empowered multi-hyphenate. She’s a style icon, host and model, but these labels still do not capture the full creative power she wields. At 17, Teresa became one of the most sought after international models, hopping from city to city, from LA to South Africa, China, Hong Kong and beyond, for her many projects. In 2008, she became the face and host of Project Runway Philippines, before taking on the reigns as host and executive producer of Runway TV Asia. Today, she’s a leader, mentor and teacher, and while proud to be all these things, she shares that there’s still more to be expected from her.


“Keep it real, keep it simple. Authenticity is key.”



International plus size model



Bold, beautiful and eloquent, Kat Gumabao is the body positive advocate that we need. She’s redefining beauty and what it means to be “sexy”, by paving the way for plus-size models in the Philippines and by advocating fashion inclusivity. This international runway model is not only winning over the audiences in fashion shows abroad, but also the hearts of all Filipinas who are looking for real inspiration in real women.  


“I was often told that I was pretty, and if only magpapayat ako, I could achieve more. This led me to believe that maybe I was inadequate. But I’ve learned that no matter what people tell you to be or not to be, you just have to look within yourself and believe that who you are is enough, you have everything inside you to bring you to where you want to go.”



Lifestyle blogger + host



More than just a pretty face, Janeena Chan has grown to become a well-rounded personality, working as host and TV presenter, online influencer, lifestyle blogger, and model. She first sprung onto the showbiz scene at 11, wherein she made her TV debut on Kid’s TV on ABC 5 and RPN. Two decades later, she’s become a mega influence, becoming the go-to host, ambassador, and endorser for numerous campaigns for leading local and global brands. Today, she headlines the TV show Upfront at the UAAP on S+A (Sports and Action) and is also the main host of Chinoy TV on ANC.


“There are have been many times where I tell myself, ‘Can I actually do this?’ You have to quiet these fears and just commit. Set that mindset, and just do it, no matter how hard it is.


“I always tell myself just be your ‘best’ better (self) because we’re not perfect, only God is perfect. Keep on being your ‘best’ better each and every day, and that’ll be good enough.”