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9 Things To Know About Liv Lo, The Real-Life Mrs. Nick Young, Plus A Gallery Of This Goals-Worthy Couple!

Sorry, ladies!

Henry Golding, a.k.a. the Malaysian talent that plays the super eligible bachelor Nick Young in Crazy Rich Asians, is very much taken. He's been married to Liv Lo since 2016, and in every way, she really is the Rachel to his Nick! Read on to learn nine things about the beauty that captured this man's gaze—and heart—for life! 




She made the first move

This handsome couple met at a party on January 1, 2011, where "met" should be used loosely. Henry noticed her, she noticed him notice her, yet he made no move. Time passed and still no introductions made until it was time for Liv to head out. Before making her final exit, she broke the ice and talked to him, saying, “Hi, I am leaving and you’re never going to see me again."

Her confidence must have lit a fire in Henry's core, as they wed five years after! 


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All our moods in a sitting @henrygolding #goingtomissthisone #teamgolding

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Liv is quite the celebrity, too

Don't mistake Henry as the only bankable half of this power couple. 33-year-old Liv is just as successful in her own right as a TV host, yoga instructor, model, and bona fide fitness buff. Her 97,000-strong Instagram following should definitely be enough to prove her clout. 


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She's biracial, and extremely proud of her mixed heritage

It's one of the reasons why she was extra proud of her husband for starring in such a meaningful film about culture and race. Liv is of Taiwanese and Italian descent, she speaks three languages (English, Mandarin, and Japanese) fluently, and was raised by her mom and stepdad who was from Hong Kong. Having lived in Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore, as well as being exposed to people of various backgrounds, cultural diversity and acceptance are something this stunner feels strongly about.


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She was proposed to on the beach

And it was an instant "yes!" It happened all so romantically during their fourth anniversary trip to Thailand. He got the works together; champagne, a lovely view of the sunset, and the perfect words to say to the woman he wished to spend the rest of his life with. 


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She got married in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

With a wedding as beautiful as theirs, it can be a little hard to believe that she was incredibly relaxed about all her preparations leading up to the big day. Once saying that she and Henry simply trusted their guts to lead the way, Liv simply enjoyed her last few days as a single woman and was all smiles, zero stress, in the ceremony. Her off-shoulder Vera Wang gown in ivory definitely helped bring out her bridal glow, too. 


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She enjoys her time away from Henry

Interestingly, Liv reveals that she appreciates the fact that sometimes work or other personal commitments take her attention. Having other preoccupations allows her to nurture herself as an individual while making her more appreciative of her partner who understands and agrees with this. In Liv's book, there's no need to spend every waking hour with your significant other to prove that you love them!


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Super happy hubby is back and I have someone’s food to steal again @groundedbycmcr

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Liv isn't grossed out by durian

It's a silly fact, but one that many of her and Henry's fans have wondered about! Having grown up in countries where the tropical fruit is aplenty, this healthy eater has gotten used to it.


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Her relationship role models are her parents

Liv's parent's have been together almost 40 years, and Henry's for almost just as long. She's a firm believer in the things that kept her mom and dad together and happy after all these years, like constant openness and the willingness to keep learning about one's partner even when much time has passed. 


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Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary to the love of my life. While we are oceans apart today you are always on my mind. There isn't a moment where I don't think of you and hope you have a fantastic day in Toronto (tmw for you!) Its only been a year, and look how far we've come! Here are I'll 10 things I've learned as your Wife. I LOVE YOU @henrygolding 1. I am not always right. Wait, don't I don't get this famous title from signing on the dotted line? Nope, in fact it's kind of mean and cruel to always make you bend the knee for me. I am not always and don't always want to be right because I do want to learn from my you my Husband 2. Getting married does not mean settling down and having a baby. Probably the most common question I hear is when we will have children. While I understand the excitement around having children Henry and I are a young married couple. We will have children when we are ready to not because we are married. 3. Communication is everything! And I mean everything to keep a LDM healthy. 4. We make sacrifices for each other...because when the other person is happy it makes us happy too. 5. Life gets more exciting and we get more to celebrate! Their wins are your wins too. 6. Knowing you have someone by your side means that you would only do things the other would approve, and likewise. This is trust. 7. Every moment together is precious 8. Sometimes we fight...maybe a lot 9. Taking care of family, parents, brothers and sisters are part of our values and it gives us great joy to make them comfortable. 10. Keep updating your together purpose. ??: @ellesingapore

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Her advice to couples is to love spontaneity

Keep things fresh, she suggests, because in this day and age, things move incredibly fast and interest can wane. But that piece of advice comes with a follow-up; you shouldn't have to work too hard for relationships to feel great. When you're with "The One," or someone you think might be him (or her), spontaneity will come naturally and best of all, come from both sides! 


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