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This Is How You Can Look As Hot As Erich Gonzales




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Blood Sisters actress Erich Gonzales’ fitter physique and fiercer vibe have been making headlines lately. She’s easily among the top fitness inspirations of Filipinas these days. Her enviable abs, slim waist, and noticeably more vibrant confidence are indeed inspiring. She notes that a healthier mindset and better self-esteem are the secrets behind her version 2.0.

When asked what triggered her to live a healthier and more fitness-based lifestyle, Erich shared that the main reason was because she started filming for an independent action-thriller movie. Her director for the indie film, Richard Somes, told her she needed to have a little more muscular look to play the role of stuntwoman “Kray” in the upcoming movie, We Will Not Die Tonight. The said film is produced by the actress herself.


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The newest endorser of MY SLIM! Congrats Erich!!! ??#MySlimXErichLaunch

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“I play the role of Kray in We Will Not Die Tonight. She is a stuntwoman who has to fight for her life because of some unfortunate circumstances she could not get out of. It is a suspense, thriller, survival movie, as the story happens in just one night and it’s all about fighting for one’s life,” she shared. “Direk Richard told me that I looked too skinny to be a stuntwoman, so I was challenged and I told him, just give me time and I will build some muscles.”  

Erich has evidently worked hard since, and not just in her physical looks, but in her overall career. Adding the title of film producer to her credentials, as well as the title of owner of her very own EG Productions, is seriously impressive. “Not all production outfits out there would bet on suspense-thrillers like We Will Not Die Tonight, so I thought of producing it myself, because I really believe in the story, and I want to share it to the audience. Hopefully, EG Productions will have future projects that will also feature other actors, not just me.”

Erich highlighted that everything has worked with perfect timing, because as she was working on her body goals for the film, she was tapped by slimming brand mySlim to be its newest endorser.

“I am super grateful I was approached by mySlim team on a perfect timing, because mySlim products really helped me in what I’ve been working towards now,” she shared. “mySlim is really true to what it is promising, achieving sexiness in a healthy and safe way.”



Grateful to be the new brand ambassador of MySlim ?

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President and brand architect Erick Armigos of Vida NutriScience, maker of mySlim, shared why Erich is the perfect face for their brand, mySlim. “The sexy Filipina is one who embodies what it is to have self-worth and who takes care of her body for the sake of health and fitness, and not just to look sexy. And Erich is the epitome of that sexy Filipina we have in mind. Her attitude towards fitness and health is really inspiring, because who is busier than someone who plays three characters for teleserye Blood Sisters? And yet she still finds time to fit in her fitness regimens and maintain a healthy lifestyle. mySlim has always been about that, achieving sexiness through fitness and healthy lifestyle.”



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mySlim has been known for its safe and effective slimming products, from capsules to juices, which contain special and effective ingredients from Switzerland such as Yerba Mate, Carnipure, and Palatinose that help in burning unhealthy fats.

“I love mySlim capsules, the appetite suppressants, because they really make me feel nourished and full for the day. On taping days, I take two mySlim capsules after lunch and I’d feel full for the entire day already. While mySlim juice helps you release toxins when you feel really bloated. And you can see the results in even 25 minutes; that your tummy is a little smaller and you don’t feel bloated anymore, because it helps you release unwanted fats. But you can still control it and not feel any pain in your tummy. So I feel it is safe in detoxifying,” she explained. “mySlim has really come in perfect timing because it helps me in achieving my fitness goals.”


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The Blood Sisters lead star still noted though that a healthy mindset and self-worth from within are still unbeatable. “Of course, having a healthy mindset and self-confidence is the key to being sexy. As long as you eat right, have a balanced diet, and have the discipline to really make time to take care of your body and workout. It’s about having the discipline and decision to put in the hard work, because it does not happen overnight. A healthy mindset is also about having that confidence from within, and feeling good about yourself, because it will really glow on the outside. Growing up, we might have seen images that say thin is the only thing that’s sexy. For me, all shapes and sizes are beautiful, for as long as you have that healthy mindset of taking care of yourself. It all starts from within, about feeling comfortable in your own skin, and acknowledging your own beauty, because then you will want to nourish and take care more of yourself, too.”



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Her newfound bolder confidence has indeed taken her to higher heights, as seen in her stellar performance in her hit movie Siargao. Erich has been nominated for the Best Actress catergory at the 43rd Metro Manila Film Festival for this film with stunning beach picturesque. She has also discovered her new passion for the sun and waves. “I’d definitely love to go more to the beach this summer, hopefully Maldives with family and friends if I can squeeze it in my time. I wanna hit the beach, just bring my sunblock to protect my skin from the sun, along with my stylish hat, sunnies, flip-flops and comfy outfits, and my face mist, just spray and you’d feel instantly fresh. Definitely though, I’d have to work this summer. I’d hit Paris this summer, as we are scheduled for an event there on March 28-April 2 for The Filipino Channel (TFC),” Erich said.

This chick is indeed on top of her game. Aside from her hit teleserye, endorsements and event tours, Erich can’t wait to promote her self-produced thriller film as well, which is currently in post-production phase. “It is definitely new and unique, so hope you’d go watch and see it,” she concluded.


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