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This Is How You Can Travel The Philippines Like Jericho Rosales And Arci Muñoz

Road trips, boat rides, flights, you name it and we're there —anything to travel to the Philippines' most beautiful destinations, from hidden beaches to cloud-kissing mountaintops. 

For travel enthusiasts, they know the value of each journey; more than the number of miles traveled, what makes each destination so special are the memories shared with loved ones. It's a sentiment Siargao leading man Jericho Rosales shares, saying, "It's about the connections that you make, what you bring back with you when you go home to Manila."



This year, Jericho invites travel veterans and aspiring travel junkies alike to participate in a one-of-a-kind campaign that lets you travel around the Philippines and make your own cherished memories. All you need is a bold spirit, a love for thrilling experiences, and, as recommended by Jericho, your favorite piece of Wrangler denim, be it a pair of jeans or a jacket, to keep you stylish and comfy wherever you go. 

As ushered in by Jericho, 2018 marks the 4th year of the American workwear brand's Wrangler True Wanderer campaign. The campaign celebrates the best things about traveling—having an openness to explore the unknown, experiencing new cultures, exchanging stories with newfound friends, and enjoying exciting food, sights, and sounds. 



As an avid traveler himself, he's been the face of the campaign and a Wrangler ambassador for as long as can be remembered. This year, the brand welcomes singer, actress, and self-proclaimed travel addict Arci Muñoz as the first-ever female Wrangler ambassador in the Philippines. 

"I think Wrangler saw this different side of me that's very adventurous. I really loved this idea that I can collaborate with Wrangler, because it's not just about defining 'True Wander' in [the sense of wandering]. It's you stepping out of your comfort zone through exploring different things that you've never done before. It's an adventure!" says Arci, whose go-to Wrangler item is a pair of the InfiCool jeans. 


The real-life pals embody the True Wanderer's spirit of adventure in their journeys, constantly wowing their followers with photos and videos of their travels online. If there's anything that helped them become close friends, it was their desire to disconnect from the mundane day-to-day lives and rediscover life's vitality through traveling. 

By sharing your own photos that prove just how much of a True Wanderer you can be too, you get a chance to travel the Philippines the same way Jericho and Arci have, or, more specifically, the chance to win an all-expense paid trip for four to the Philippine destination of your choice! 



Are we just all about having fun and being irresponsible? Are we made to allow ourselves and other people destroy the very things that make us who we really are? We are so unaware. We are or were all guilty at some point. Hurt and sad for #Boracay right now. Scared for the hundreds if not thousands of tourist spots here in our beloved #Pilipinas. Brothers and sisters, please think and educate yourselves about responsible tourism. Help the locals. Educate them too. We can’t just keep inviting people to come here and then that’s it. It doesn’t end at #itsmorefuninthephilippines. Is your town/city prepared for tourism? Proper dumpsites? Hospitals? The list goes on. We are killing our own country. Guys, we don’t live for ourselves alone. What about our kids? The generations after us? Get on your feet, Boracay. It’s not too late. Thoughts, prayers and actions from my family to yours. God bless. ?? @rocket

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Don't look back in anger. Byebye 2017!! ??????

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Here's everything you need to know: 

  • Upload your very best travel photo on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #TrueWandererPH, #Live2Wander, and #WranglerPH. Make sure to tag @WranglerPH and set your post to public! 
  • Another option is to upload your photo directly onto the True Wanderer website 
  • Send in your entries from February 21 until April 12 to become a finalist in the True Wanderer campaign.
  • Finalists will go on to explore different parts of the Philippines and explore different destinations' unique culture, food, and way of life for three days. Stories of their trip will be uploaded online for the public to vote on their favorite. 
  • The winner will be awarded P500,000 worth of prizes, including a three-day two-night all-expense-paid trip for four to any Philippine destination, Wrangler gear, a drone camera, and a tablet!