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EXCLUSIVE: This Is Toni Gonzaga, According To Her Sister Alex


Toni (Celestine) Gonzaga is many things to many people. To her fans, she is a woman they look up to, someone worth emulating; she is their "idol" for being a talented actress, host and singer—a triple threat who deserves the "Ultimate Multimedia Star" title. 

Outside the spotlight, sans the glam team and production crew, the Toni her family knows is a good and obedient daughter, a loving and supportive wife, and a doting mom. But before she became a wife to film director/producer Paul Soriano and a mother to 1-year-and-9-month-old baby Severiano Elliott, she was first an elder sister to Alex (Catherine).


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To Alex, however, Toni is more than just an Ate. She is her second mother, her best friend, her partner in crime and her role model. But the ever-funny Alex interjects, "So, mako-consider ko bang role model si Toni Gonzaga? Hmmm, p'wede na! Walang choice eh, isa lang ang Ate ko. Sino pa ba ang gagawin kong role model, kapitbahay?!"




Look at this, See-sters!!!!! #motheranddaughter ??

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In their newly-released "book for sisters by sisters," titled Sissums: The 18 Rules of Sisterhood, According to Alex and Toni Gonzaga, more interesting and surprising things are revealed about Toni and the sisterhood between her and Alex.

If you find them funny, whether together or individually, and if you think their life story is inspiring, wait till you get your hands on their book—you will discover that there are more things to love about them.



"Kapag naiisip ko ang Ate, the next adjective I could think of right away is 'generous.' She is the most generous person I've ever known"



The mother and the yaya of Seve. Saya-saya maya maya palit diaper ??

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"To be honest, I could never think of a greater blessing than the sister God gave me. She is the best Ate. She would remind, inspire, and most especially protect her sister. Hindi n'ya pinagdadamot kung ano'ng meron s'ya. Ang gusto n'ya, lahat ng taong mahal n'ya, na-e-enjoy kung ano'ng meron s'ya"



Beachy or not #Sissums for life! ♥?

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"Before my Ate got married, I was scared our relationship would be different. Natatakot ako na baka hindi na ako ang best friend n'ya dahil may asawa na s'ya... [but] even now that she is married and is a mother, I still get touched 'cause she still protects and cares for me the same way as before"



My ate is the prettiest coz she is the happiest!!! ?? #LadiesinSevesLife

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“Ang ate ko is very determined, very generous, very loving sa family, and very focused”



"My sister knows when to be a friend and an Ate to me... There were moments [when] she would come home late after work, but she would still listen to my rants... Sa dami ng ginagawa at responsibilities n'ya, she would never forget to be my Ate."



I miss you mrs. Soriano, bati na tayo ?? @celestinegonzaga

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"Sissums: 18 Rules of Sisterhood, According to Alex and Toni Gonzaga" is published by ABS-CBN Publishing. It is now exclusively available in National Book Store and Powerbooks outlets nationwide for only P225. Please grab a copy now! | Calligraphy by Kitty Jardenil (@kittyjardenil)


Produced by Grace Libero-Cruz

Photography by Charisma Lico

Creative direction by Butchie Peña

Art direction by Chookie Cruz

Styling by StyLIZed Studio

Makeup by Mickey See

Hairstyling by Macy Dionido

Special thanks to Kusina Alfonso