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What We Can All Learn About Moving On As Tricia Centenera Talks About Her Failed Marriage With Gab Valenciano



In a blog post titled "...And So It Begins" dated November 18, 2016, Tricia Centenera wrote a lengthy piece about her and Gab Valenciano's failed marriage, detailing the "cracks" in their relationship.

"We were just so in love," she wrote. "So as I was saying life in LA was great, it was new and exciting but that’s speaking for myself. Life for him was just..different. I found out that he had issues and struggles that he kept from me and unfortunately instead of talking to me, he left me... A month or so later he asked me back but nothing had changed."

At the time they were going through issues in their relationship and trying to fix them, Tricia said she felt like he was no longer "the fun loving man I married." When she reached a point where she felt that things needed to change, she said, "I asked him to leave."



Recently, Tricia opened up about healing and moving on from her short-lived marriage with Gab in a new blog entry on, in light of what would’ve been their third wedding anniversary.

The model-blogger-host and the multitalented son of Gary Valenciano and Angeli Pangilinan got married thrice: first in a civil ceremony in the United States in 2014 then in Tagaytay and Boracay in 2015. Their supposedly marital bliss was cut short in September 2016 when the he confirmed he cheated on his wife with an unidentified woman; he later apologized for it.







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“Yes this man broke me however I didn’t let it ruin me forever. Through sincere prayer, petition & forgiveness, I can now call him a friend even though the expectation is that as his ex-wife I should hate him, I honestly don’t,“ Tricia wrote in her latest blog.

She shared that her ex-husband “is a good man who has just made some bad choices." Tricia also wrote that Gab is now more of “a friend who I’m sure will p*#s me off at times but none the less a friend, or maybe, the sibling who doesn’t give the best love advice."

Tricia seemed to be inspired to share her thoughts on her failed marriage after seeing her ex-hubby the night before she wrote her blog. “We didn’t even realize it was the eve of our, what would have been anniversary. We had a friendly embrace & were surrounded by family, it was nice,” she told her readers.

People ask her what she felt on the day of what was supposed to be their third wedding anniversary, she said she feels "empowered."




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The two seem to be moving on with their lives with much love and respect for each other. Tricia wrote that Gab is very “respectful and sincerely happy” for her new relationship. She also said Gab “asks love & healing advice & is trying for himself,” as well as “trying his best to be the best version of himself," and she asks her readers to “please let him try."

Tricia proves that time heals all wounds, especially if you devote your time in loving yourself and building a closer relationship with God.

Now, for those who are left brokenhearted, here are some helpful tips and pieces of advice from Tricia: 

1. "Love yourself right." 

2. "Always remember your worth."

3. "Be firm yet kind. Have grace."

4. "Pause, pray & see the lesson so that a negative situation can turn into a positive learning experience."

5. "Forgive as often as you laugh & speak love!"

6. "Always have faith that God has a plan that’s even more magical than your wildest dreams."

7. "The right person will cross your path when you are ready.. when you are busy loving yourself right.You just have to believe in your heart of hearts that God is good!"


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