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Yoo In-na Reveals What Her Ideal Romantic Date Is Like

The “True to Love” K-drama actress talks about the series, her co-stars, and her idea of a perfect date

With a string of hit series like Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, Touch Your Heart, and The Spies Who Loved Me, Yoo In-na is leaving no crumbs in her newest series on Prime Video. Titled True to Love, the show revolves around the romantic pursuits of Yeon Bo-ra (In-na) and Lee Soo-hyuk (Yoon Hyun Min).

Catch the return of the rom-com queen as she spices up our screens with the quirks of her character—a dating coach—who believes that dating is a big deal and requires a careful strategy from couples. With layers that are unique to her latest role, In-na reveals how her previous portrayals differ from her dating-guru personality.

“I’m returning after three years with a rom-com. I think I tried to show a more human side and less of a lovable and cute side compared to my past roles,” the Snowdrop actress puts it, giving an explanation to the edgy persona that she plays. “My character has more of a bold and rough side. I made an effort to show the real side of Bo-ra.”

Yoo In-na Reveals What Her Ideal Romantic Date Is Like
Yoo In-na | Prime Video

Directed by Lee Tae-gon, the K-content will dish out real life lessons on romance when sincerity, strategy, and freedom are factored in. According to him, the offering will allow the viewers to examine their viewpoints. “I think everyone is curious about the essence of dating. I think if there was a definite rule about dating, we wouldn’t have so many dramas and films about it.”

He also added: “Our drama doesn’t give you the solution but it helps you contemplate what love is and what you should do.” Since a range of age groups are actively represented in the series, also, Lee Tae-gon best believes that it is easy to empathize with the characters. “We made it diverse so that whatever kind of couple you are, you can see yourself in these couples,” he continues.

The director guarantees that True to Love dabbles in different dating generations, too. “There are a lot of diverse couples portrayed through the series such as a middle-aged couple, a couple in the early stages of their relationship, a married couple who are experiencing marital boredom, as well as a couple who have broken up and are wondering how they can love now,” he tells us.

Yoo In-na Reveals What Her Ideal Romantic Date Is Like
Yoon Hyun-min and Yoon In-na | Prime Video

As a love counselor, Bo-ra is certain to leave us cracking up in our seats and chewing on what will transpire next. In-na herself is testament to how funny the show is and her co-stars Yoon Hyun-min and Hwang Chan-sung are. “Every moment on set was so fun and Yoon Hyun-min was eager to be even funnier. Chan-sung is really funny and he wants to make people laugh.”

When asked what her idea of a perfect date is, however, Yoo In-na shares with Metro.Style: “I like both flowers and chocolate, but I like flowers a little more! The romantic date I have in mind is the closer to nature it is, the better,” the True to Love star notes, feeling the need to be on an empty stomach to be able to stretch an alone time with our significant others.

“If I get hungry while walking around where there are trees and flowers, I would be so happy to go to any restaurant together! It's important that you're very, very hungry! Haha,” In-na suggests. With timely examples of how dating and romantic relationships are deciphered, True to Love is a dramedy series that is sure to soothe our dull days. 

Yoo In-na Reveals What Her Ideal Romantic Date Is Like
Yoo In-na as Yeon Bo-ra | Prime Video
"The Glory" Cast Members' Thoughts On Their Series


"The Glory" Cast Members' Thoughts On Their Series

Check out the members of the True to Love cast:

Know more about Yoo In-na and her latest K-drama in the interview below:

What attracted you to take up this drama, and what do you find attractive about the role Yeon Bo-ra?

"When selecting a project, I just read it first. From the public's point of view, I see whether it's fun, empathetic, or has a valuable story, and then I see if it’s a role I can do well and read it over several times to decide. When I first read this script, I saw that it was fun, empathetic, and a valuable story so I was 100% sure and at the same time, I had a passion to do it well. Yeon Bo-ra is the most honest and warm-hearted character I’ve seen, she’s a very appealing person."

How was the experience working with Yoon Hyun-min and Joo Sang-wook? What's your impression of them? How was the situation and chemistry on set?

"Yoon Hyun-min’s first impression was gentle and kind. I felt Joo Sang-wook was professional and cheerful. Both of them were so funny on set, so it was always full of laughter. I felt that they were trying to be considerate with everything. I was sincerely thankful."

Did playing a dating coach in True to Love help you pick up tips on how to handle dating? If you're speaking as your character Deborah, what is the top 3 advice you'll give to the singles out there still looking for their soulmates or true loves? Why?

"Yes, I did learn something from Bo-ra. Speaking as my character Deborah, here are three pieces of advice I would like to share with singles.First, if you keep thinking of someone, it could be love! Second, don’t miss out on someone who recognizes your worth! Third, don’t be afraid of breaking up and just love first! Love is valuable in itself and makes life full!"

What is the attraction of the drama True to Love that makes viewers have to watch it? And What can viewers expect from True to Love

"A realistic, lovely, sweet, and painful love story is shown by several couples. I think it’s a story for all of us. So it is comforting and also helps us realize many things!"

Is there any particular kind of role you would most want to challenge?  

"There are a lot! I want to challenge myself to a character who has to express a certain psychological state, such as Good Person Complex, the Superwoman Syndrome, and I want to play the role of an anchor as well. Besides these, I hope there will be a chance to meet a lot of characters that I haven't tried before."

True to Love is now available on Prime Video.

Lead photos courtesy of Prime Video

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