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Tyra Banks Is Opening A Model-Inspired Theme Park In California This Year!

Some celebrities write books and memoirs, others invest in restaurants and beachside resorts—but not Tyra Banks.

She's bringing to Los Angeles a massive theme park that took a decade to conceptualize and execute, and now it's finally just months away from its grand opening!



The top model-turned-entrepreneur broke the news on Instagram while revealing the name of her newest, most ambitious venture to date: Modelland. 

The 21,000 square-foot property is exactly what it sounds like: a model-influenced theme park that's a tribute to her many years in the industry, and one she hopes will allow the masses to immerse themselves in the elusive world of modeling firsthand. 


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While the smize (that's short for smiling with the eyes) queen hasn't revealed specific details of Modelland's attractions, she did tease that it would be a culmination of "eventful" dining, curated shopping, and interactive entertainment experiences.

Whether the park will have actual rides (it was heavily inspired by Tyra's countless visits to Disneyland as a child, after all), or simply concentrate on building the model world fantasy its proprietress has promised remains unclear. (What a way to keep us on our toes!)



In a conversation with Women's Wear Daily, Tyra further explains the concept behind Modelland by reflecting on her years as a fledgling runway model. 


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Multiple times of being told "no" by fashion's decision-makers because she was a black woman and had a body that wasn't rail-thin like those of her peers gave rise to her 2010 novel (also titled Modelland), and now that she's transcended those challenges, she's opening a theme park that lets all people of all backgrounds and identities access the otherwise ultra-exclusive modeling world. 

“It’s my calling to bring modeling to the masses," Tyra stated. 

“This is bursting the door open and redefining what a model is. It’s all about inclusiveness,” she added. 



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The attraction will be a permanent fixture in one of Los Angeles' most visited places: the Santa Monica Pier, which is already home to a celebrity-favorited open-air mall and boardwalk. 

And, according to Tyra, Santa Monica won't be Modelland's only location; she has plans of bringing the park to other cities, maybe outside the United States, too! 


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When asked if she'll be partnering with fellow supermodels for the theme park's special events, Tyra doesn't rule out the possibility. Although, should models make an appearance at Modelland, don't expect them to be strutting the catwalk or doing other predictably model-esque things; Modelland will be completely innovative and break down everything a park visitor expects to see at a place like this. 



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Modelland has sparked worldwide interest as of its announcement, and to get exclusive updates, interested parties can log onto its official website.


Photos from @tyrabanks