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Vanessa Hudgens Spills All Her Favorite Filipino Things

Apart from “it’s all about family,” the Hollywood actress shares other things she loves about the Philippines during the press conference for her upcoming documentary about the Philippines

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens has always been special to all of us. Apart from being one of our youth heroines as Gabriella Montez in High School Musical, the actress also represents Filipinos in the global stage. She credits her Filipina mom Gina Guangco for all the things she knows about our country. Although she admits being raised as “very American,” the 34-year-old also has favorite things about the Philippines.

We got to know all this and more during the press interview with Boy Abunda for her upcoming travel documentary directed by Paul Soriano. She is also the first Hollywood star to become the Philippines’ global tourism advisor


Beautiful beaches in the Philippines

Her long-overdue visit to our pristine beaches has now become a reality. Taking her first step in our wonderful seas in Pangulasian Island in El Nido, Palawan, Vanessa can’t help but fall in love with this piece of paradise, as she calls it. 

“I'm a big nature and beach girl. There are so many beautiful beaches here that I still have to go to,” she points out. Part of her travel bucket list? The offerings down south in Cebu and Mindanao! 

From food to tropical accessories

And of course, Filipino food is big in Vanessa’s list of favorites. She recalls how her mom would prepare local favorites like adobo and pancit – and servings of rice!

Vanessa also giddily shares her amusement for the folk dance tinikling. “I’m literally going to buy bamboo sticks to make my friends do it!” she quips.

The Hollywood actress also realized how her love for tropical accents – like natural elements, wicker, rattan, and mother-of-pearl – stems from her heritage. “I'm so obsessed with the Filipino furniture and lighting!” she gushes.


Family first

But above all, it’s the tightness as a family and warmth that Vanessa relates to most. Growing up, she reveals, she’s always had a close relationship with her mom and sister Stella. "I feel like just the family aspect of the Philippines is something that is so prominent and so strong,” the actress points out.

She also expressed her delight in meeting strangers who treat her like one of them. “Everybody is so warm and so friendly. The people here are very unique. Everyone is just so warm,” Vanessa muses. "The hospitality is unmatched. It's just a really magical place."

And we think she’ll be able to discover more about the Philippines, our paradise – her hometown – when Vanessa turns up the second time around. We can’t wait to see where her adventures will take us on the screen!