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Vince, Liz, And Laureen Uy Share Their Tips On How To Experience Summer Differently This Year!

We’re in the middle of summer, but it doesn’t mean we have to slack on our vacation plans! A quick beach trip may all you need to refresh your mind (and body—with this unforgiving heat!), but to spice up this year’s hot season, why not do it differently? It doesn’t take a lot to planning to experience a different kind getaway. Little tweaks offer a huge change—and siblings Vince, Liz, and Laureen Uy can prove it.


Their travels have become #inspo for a lot of us, and know how to work around their itinerary for an unforgettable trip. Time to bring out your notebook and jot down these tips!


Focus on the palate

Instead of being snap-happy on scenic sights, a better way to learn about a place’s culture is through the tastebuds. Vince suggests doing a more focused tour, like restaurant-hopping or a cuisine tour. “There are a lot of small houses that do cooking lessons. That’s a great way of immersing yourself, and not just doing the usual route,” he says.


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Find a different route

Laureen has gone to plenty places, but this time, she knows how to turn to a the unfamiliar. Her tip? Try walking around and visiting the not-usual routes. “Ang daming nagsasabi na sa Hong Kong daw, ang dami pathways na iba-iba. Everyday you can do something different,” the blogger muses. You might surprise yourself with a cool find along the way!


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Pay attention to yourself

If your heart screams for the beach, then by all means, go! To amp up your experience, why not focus this trip more to yourself, rather than just swimming or sunbathing? “It could be a completely wellness experience, like doing yoga and meditation, or eating or cooking your own food. It’s like technically, you’re isolated—it’s not the usual beach trip that people do,” Liz advises.


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Give time for downtown

Exploring a new city can get tiring, and this is what Laureen realized. Now, the youngest Uy sets aside time to simply sit down. She says, “I just explore a random street whether it be trending now or the hipster cafes. Parang now, I get to relax more when I actually sit on a cafe, read a book or go inside a park and just sit down. So ‘yun ‘yung mga hinahanap ko recently.”


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Catch a show!

"I’m such a nerd, so it’s always a must for me to visit a museum or an exhibition or watch a play or a ballet performance. For me, it helps me get immersed not just in the culture but also the history of where I’m going,” Vince relates. So score tickets and watch the latest performance in whichever town you’re at!


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