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"World Of Dance" Junior Team Champs VPeepz Blew Everyone's Minds With Their Winning Routine

You really don't need to be a hip-hop fan or a dancer to appreciate the magic—no, the intensity—that's been fueling every hard-hitting performance that VPeepz has been bringing to the World of Dance stage. 



In fact, they've been so magical, so intense, and so dedicated in every aspect that they've not only gained thousands of followers back home in the Philippines, but more importantly, have won the dance competition's judges over.


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In last night's make or break semi-finals episode, judges Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo, and Derek Hough named the all-Filipino crew the Junior Division Champions with a total score of 96, giving them the chance of a lifetime to move on to the world finals. 



Your WOD S3 Junior Division Champions, VPeepz!

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Composed of young performers aged 12 to 17, VPeepz was formed by award-winning choreographer Chips Beltran and has been a fixture in the local dance scene since. Aiming to form the Philippines' premier varsity dance team, Chips trained them extensively, and sooner than later, the team began bringing home regional and national titles alike, their World of Dance accomplishment being their biggest milestone yet. 


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Strengthening their bond and discovering their strengths over the years, VPeepz has grown to become much more than just your regular set of talented youth. Yes, they dance (and they dance very well), but they've also grown to realize that they represent unity in diversity and perseverance—even when the odds aren't in one's favor. 



In most, if not all, of VPeepz's interviews, its members never fail to talk about how they love and support each other regardless of how different their personal backgrounds may be. They've emphasized how dance, and the culture they have as a team, have been huge success factors for them from day one. 


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Likewise, coming from a developing country like the Philippines—where opportunities to thrive as artists are limited—was never something this dance group has ever considered a hindrance. Never settling for less than they deserved, they set their gaze forward, aimed for the stars. And reach the top, they have!



Rewind to last night when they gave their all in a rendition of Fergie and Nelly's Party People, and anyone will see that VPeepz was every bit deserving of the applause, cheers, and high scores. 

And as the judges pointed out, their sychronization, razor-sharp precision, and palpable gusto all throughout their one minute and 20 second routine (plus that broken leg trick right in the middle) was nothing short of mesmerizing. Even without death-defying stunts and overly complicated moves, they rocked the stage from beginning to end.


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As of this writing, their performance is YouTube's 8th trending video and has been getting a ton of attention from all over the world. Here's what people are saying: 













And if you haven't seen their winning performance just yet, it's right here:



Photos from @vpeepzofficial