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Wait A Minute, Did Ellen Adarna Just Have A Secret Baby Shower?

We're banking on our casual detective skills here, but we think we may have just spotted telltale signs revealing Ellen's biggest secret!



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A little backstory:


  • Ellen and rumored boyfriend John Lloyd Cruz have been away from the spotlight for months. No one quite knows what they're up to until this very moment, as neither of them has made an official public appearance or had projects since the second half of 2017.


  • Actions speak louder than words! While the pair hasn't actually come clean with their relationship status, photos of them doing couple-y things (i.e.: selfies taken in the bedroom, getting their photo taken mid-smooch, going on out of town holidays with each other's families) have revealed so much about them.


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Missing both of you??

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It gets juicier:


  • Ellen missed the highly-anticipated Bench's "Under the Stars" fashion show in November last year and didn't explain why. It was speculated that she opted out because of a growing baby bump.


  • Come December, rumored daddy-to-be JLC was spotted with Ellen at a hospital. Theories about why they could have been there spread like wildfire, one of which was that Ellen dropped by for a pre-natal check-up.


  • It was also around this time that the combined Ellen-JLC fan bases claimed that the pair had gotten engaged (or even possibly married in secret), suggesting that they hurriedly tied the knot because a baby was on the way. There was a mysterious diamond ring that appeared on Ellen's finger that many thought was from her beau.


  • JLC spent some time with Ellen and her family in Japan for a wintry holiday in January. Fans suggested that this was their honeymoon, and those who spotted Ellen at the airport pointed out her baggy outfits that could have been concealing her belly.


  • By the time February rolled in, Ellen deactivated her Instagram account. If, indeed, she's a mommy-to-be, we're guessing it was a move to give her and John Lloyd some privacy.


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And now, the possible baby shower-slash-birthday party:


  • To be fair, the occasion was labeled as Ellen's birthday bash, and it did coincide with her actual birthday on April 2. Her friends surprised her with the spa-themed event held at the Afternoon Tea Spa, but some are speculating that there's more than meets the eye.


  • First, the décor. The cute cloud and moon artwork on one wall is similar to what you might see in a well-designed nursery, and is a popular theme for baby showers. Was this their way of combining Ellen's birthday and baby shower? 


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  • Next, there was Ellen's visibly fuller figure. Even in a loose silk nightgown (which, on a side note, was a nice touch to the occasion!), Ellen didn't quite look like her usual fit self. Was it just the camera angle?


  • As an added thought, it was noticeably a girls-only party—something you might opt for during a baby shower.


  • Lastly, the timeline seems to fit. Ellen's pregnancy rumors started circulating five months ago, and the party was perfectly timed for a baby shower.




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Ellen’s 30th Sparty????‍?? @chxluv2travel @dianneyap

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