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WATCH: Bb. Pilipinas Grand International 2018 Eva Patalinjug On Life Being Imperfect


A true queen shines even when she takes off her crown. Bb. Pilipinas Grand International 2018 Eva Patalinjug is an epitome of a woman who is not only beautiful but also kind-hearted. It’s become a mission of hers to not just embrace the glitz and glamour, but to also do the dirty work and reach out to as many people as possible. A real inspiration, Eva shares more of her wisdom here—from style sensibilities to the way of everyday life.




On fashion: “Fashion is really evolving nowadays, but it’s not bad to mix everything from fashion from the past and the future! Also, you can wear the cheapest clothes (like ukay-ukay pieces), but if you wear it with style, it can look expensive.”

On being a woman of substance: “It’s not enough that you’re beautiful and you’re intelligent. You need to make a difference in this world and be someone who realizes that she’s born not only for herself, but to serve other people, too.”

On self-improvement: “I’m a very determined person. I’m a go-getter. I know what I want and I do the very best that I can to get what I want. I never stop and I never give up even if failures may go my way. Even if I experienced of differences and pain in my life, I continue to be the better version of myself everyday.”



On life being imperfect: “As a beauty queen, you’re expected to be perfect all the time—you’re put on a pedestal to be perfect. But reality naman talaga is nobody’s perfect, even beauty queens have their mistakes and failures and mishaps. People should understand that, na tao rin naman kami.”

On living your life: “This is my year and I’m not getting any younger. I don’t want to regret anything. I don’t wanna go through life asking what if—what if mali ako? It’s now or never.”





Produced by Grace Libero-Cruz

Photography by Rxandy Capinpin

Creative direction by Chookie Cruz

Styling by Stylized Studio  - Danae Dizon, Patrick Perez, Joy Bernardo, Steven Coralde, Aina Ampil, and Aia Tabuzo

Makeup by Shone Zendon

Hairstyling by Oli Sara

Shoot assistant: Sara de los ReyesJovi Figueroa, and James Mangile

Special thanks to Gines Enriquez, Ivan de Lara, Terry Dy of Café Amazon, and Stephen Capuchino

Shot on location at Zoomburst Studios