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Welcome To The Family! The Cutest Celebrity Baby Announcements

Try to resist pinching those cute cheeks on your screen! 



Pancho Gerardo: coming home soon ??????

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For famous moms who have recently welcomed new kids into their lives, their babies' first "hello" to the world via a photo shared through social media is one of the best parts of motherhood. Congratulatory messages pour in, and everyone gets to share in their happiness—not to mention that it's a great way to make a family memory, and it's one they can share with their babies when they're all grown up. 

Every photo rounds off these mommies' nine month-long journeys to meeting their new bundles of joy, and each one comes with a special story unique to each family. For moms (and dads, too!), these baby pictures are more than just cuteness captured on camera; they mark the beginning of the rest of their lives finally made complete by someone very special. 

To warm your heart, we gathered the most adorable celebrity baby announcement photos we've seen: 


Saab Magalona



Happy Easter from the cutest burrito ??

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I’m obsessed ?? Outfit sponsored by ninang @chelokebab ??

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Pancho Gerardo came home this week! While his mom, Saab, went through an extremely grueling pregnancy and is still healing from the loss of one of her babies, Pancho's twin sister, Pancho's proven to be the biggest blessing for her and her husband Jim Bacarro this 2018. 


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Isabelle Daza



Metro March digital cover girl Isabelle Daza became a mom just this week. Her first child, a  little baby boy, is one she shares with husband Adrien Semblat. The actress and model revealed that she gave birth to a son rather unvconventionally—through an April Fool's prank!


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Sarah Lahbati



Kai. March 21, 2018. ??

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My heart is full ????????

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It was short, but very, very sweet. Online sensation Sarah and her new baby, little sibling to brother Zion, appeared on our feeds without many words, but with a caption announcing her name instead: Kai. Hello, Kai! We can't wait to see you grow up, but not too fast, okay?



Patty Laurel



While the hip and happening mom admits that pregnancy, and motherhood as a whole, can be tough on the mind and body, nothing can compare to how the experience is ultimately enriching for the heart and soul. Simply look at her adore Astrid in this black and white shot and you'll know what she means. 


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Bangs Garcia



After a nine-month pregnancy, 20 minutes was all it took during the last stretch to meet her baby girl! Ameila, Bangs' first child, makes the perfect addition to her growing family. For this tiny princess, she can be sure that there will always be an abundance of love in her life—considering that her parents wed three times before having a baby!



Kaye Abad



Happy birthday daddy and happy birthday joaquin! #pjc #1222

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How lucky is that? Kaye's son, Joaquin, shares the same birthday with his dad! The double celebration definitely calls for double, or even triple, the happiness.


Photos from @saabmagalona @sarahlahbati