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What Exactly Is The "In My Feelings" Internet Dance Challenge That These Local Celebs Are Obsessing Over? Check Out Their Best Moves Here!

First there was planking, then there was the cinnamon challenge, the Harlem Shake, the ice bucket challenge, the spicy noodle challenge, and now, there's the #InMyFeelings challenge!



#Mood : KEKE Do You Love Me ? ?????? @champagnepapi #DoTheShiggy #InMyFeelings

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The Internet never runs out of ways to entertain. And Filipinos—being one of the world's heaviest Internet users—seem to always be abreast of the latest activities sweeping the digital world, gladly proving their ability to be the best of the best of the challengers each and every time.

These days, it's the In My Feelings dance challenge that's gotten Pinoys in a frenzy, and for good reason! After all, it's essentially a dance challenge that tests one's rhythm and groove, and just about everyone knows that Filipinos can't resist busting a move when an opportunity arises.



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The challenge's mechanics are relatively simple: dance to singer Drake's song "In My Feelings" (hence the challenge's name), while successfully imitating the dance moves of Instagram star and comedian @theshiggyshow that he created just for the song. In fact, this particular netizen is actually to thank for the birth of the challenge; his fluid choreography not only comically parodied the song's lyrics but also matched its beat perfectly, spurring many other lovers of dance to follow suit and infuse their personal style to the seconds-long routine.

The "challenge" bit enters when it comes to the choice of venue. Challengers one-up each other by choosing the most absurd or unexpected venues to execute the silly dance moves; the more ridiculous, the better.



It's caught the attention of tons of Hollywood celebs like Will Smith, Ciara, Millie Bobby Brown, Ryan Seacreast, and even The Queer Eye cast! Here in the Philippines, it spread like wildfire too, getting anyone from Enrique Gil, Mikaela Martinez and her family, Kim Chiu, Bela Padilla, and more to join in on the fun!

Who do you think deserves to be crowned champ? Let the list below help you decide!


Enrique Gil


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Jeck Maierhofer, Renee Alcantara, and RR Enriquez


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Kim Chiu


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Ronnie Alonte


???????? #kikichallenge #inmyfeelings

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Bela Padilla


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Awra Briguela



Inigo Pascual and Donnalyn Bartolome


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