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"What's Julia's Is Julia's:" Julia Barretto Shuts Down JoshLia Breakup Rumors Once And For All

No, they haven't broken up, and yes, they're doing much more than fine! 



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One of the country's most beloved love teams composed of Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia, popularly known as JoshLia, has been the subject of intense fan-fueled speculation these last few days. 

Many of them seem to think that the reel-to-real couple have split up, mainly because of a) the lack of photos posted on their social media accounts often captioned with sweet nothings addressed to each other, and b) Joshua's supposed unfaithfulness. 

Fans were quick to speak up about their theories initially because of a couple of individual photos from Joshua and Julia with captioned with cryptic messages: 



“I’m working on myself, for my self, by my self.” ??

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A week ago, Joshua posted a solo shot with a caption asserting his intention to work "on myself, for my self, by my self."

On the other hand, Julia came out with her own post accompanied by a poem that reads, “It was when I stopped searching for home within others and lifted the foundations of home within myself, I found there were no roots more intimate than those between a mind and body that have decided to be whole.”

Both captions seemed to suggest that they had gone their separate ways, subtly alluding to a breakup. Julia has since changed her poem caption with a sunflower emoji and disabled commenting on that particular photo, but a fan account managed to tweet a screenshot of the original post. 




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To add to it all, it definitely didn't help that fans learned that Joshua had complimented a female fan's swimsuit photo over Twitter while neither him nor Julia addressed their breakup buzz. Many immediately judged his message as an act of disloyalty, and slammed him for it. 




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Staying silent amidst the online whispers, the 21-year-old Julia finally spoke up about the rumors last night to set things straight. She defused breakup theories by re-tweeting a post from a fan that read, "Ang kay Julia ay kay Julia (What's Julia's is Julia's)."

Without providing further explanation, Julia's millions of followers interpreted the Tweet as her way of assuring everyone that she and Joshua remain each other's, and only each other's. 



This came as a follow-up to Joshua's tweet from March 30 addressed to Julia that asked her, "Anong alam nila tungkol satin na hindi natin alam tungkol satin? (What do they know about us that we don't know about ourselves?)"



Although they haven't faced breakup rumors head on, Julia and Joshua appear to be doing alright to us! Based on their online posts, they may be choosing to be more private with their relationship and learning to do more things for themselves as individuals. But at the end of the day, they most definitely appear to still be a couple that's going strong. 


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