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Why Did Ellen Adarna Deactivate Her Instagram Account?

"Why did Ellen Adarna deactivate her Instagram account?" is the question many netizens are asking. 

The actress and online sensation known for her enviable bod and exercise routine posts deactivated her Instagram account (@maria.elena.adarna) on Valentine's Day for unclear reasons. Fans were hoping to see what Ellen and her rumored beau John Lloyd Cruz were up to on the day of hearts, but found that her account was no longer up.

The surprising move came after the day Ellen posted a cryptic message about letting go. The post featured a seconds-long clip from the film Meet Joe Black, a romantic drama starring Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins about having to let go of the one you love and simply moving on with life.



let it go. ?? #babylovememories #johnlloydcruz #ellenadarna

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Who was she alluding to? Was it in response to the slew of rumors surrounding her and John Lloyd? She has published no other posts on social media since then, so it's been incredibly hard for everyone to decode!

In an attempt to put the pieces together, Ellen's followers were quick to formulate their own theories:

1. She and John Lloyd wanted privacy. They've been the talk of the town for months since photos of them surfaced online, and tons of people have been pressing them for official statements about their relationship status. They have neither denied nor confirmed anything.



2. Ellen is pregnant and needs to be stress-free. This was also never confirmed by either party, but when Ellen skipped a few high-profile events and fashion shows late last year, it was assumed that it was because of her growing baby bump.



3. Ellen and John Lloyd are engaged. Yup! People think they're set to tie the knot in a secret ceremony on a date and in a place no one knows about yet. There was a snapshot that circulated last year showing what appears to be a diamond ring on Ellen's finger that only showed up when she and John Lloyd started spending a lot of time together. Maybe the Instagram deactivation was to help keep things ultra-low profile, if they are, indeed, set to get married.



4. John Lloyd's previous girlfriend Angelica Panganiban has something to do with it. On the same day Ellen posted her mysterious video clip, Angelica promoted the new book Para Kay Ex on Instagram. She captioned the post with, "Wala ka bang date ngayong Valentine’s day? Eto na lang kaya pagtripan natin? Bumili tayo ng libro. Tapos maglaro tayo. Ng feelings. Yung parang ginawa lang din ng mga EX natin.” Fans reacted, wondering if Ellen was affected by the post Angelica made as a promotion of the book.  



5. She and John Lloyd are on their way to (or already in) Palawan to purchase a home on the island paradise for when they're a married couple and don't want people finding out about that just yet.



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6. She's still on Instagram; she's just made a different account. Fans think that Ellen's new Instagram handle is the inconspicuous @emg.a, and John Lloyd has been the person behind @ekomsi all along. The people behind the accounts were found to be commenting on posts by Ellen's gal pal and actress Beauty Gonzalez, with the actress responding to them as well.



What do you think? Do any of these theories seem plausible? What could Ellen be up to?


Photo from @jlc_ellen