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Why Is Kylie Jenner's Baby Named Stormi Webster? Plus, Kylie Is Now The Richest Kardashian-Jenner Sibling!

Kylie Jenner’s baby announcement caused quite a social media storm.

Last Tuesday, Kylie posted a close-up photo on her Instagram account showing her baby dressed in pink, with her little fingers grabbing onto her mother's pink manicured thumb. The caption with an angel emoji reads, “Stormi Webster.” Her fans were absolutely thrilled by the photo and the baby's name.

This post is currently the most-liked Instagram photo ever, earning more than 14 million as well as more than 500K comments in just one day. As of this writing, the post is now close to 15 million likes and 700K comments—and counting! 

This title was previously owned by Beyoncé whose pregnancy announcement last February 2017 currently has more than 11.2 million likes. The first photo of Queen Bey's twins, Rumi and Sir, was also among the most-liked photos on Instagram, now with 10.3 million likes. 



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People thought Kylie and Travis would name their baby "Butterfly," because they both have butterfly tattoos on their ankles and Travis released a song called "Butterfly Effect" last year—or, the word's Spanish version, Mariposa. Others thought the name was "Posie," named after Kylie's "Posie K" lip kit and short for Mariposa. Khloe also gifted Kylie with a bunch of flowers shaped like a "C," so people thought the name would start with a letter "C," like her niece Chicago. 

But why did Kylie go for the unusual name "Stormi Webster?" Webster is the legal surname of her boyfriend Travis Scott, who was born as Jacque Webster. "Stormi" is a version of the English name "Stormy." Its root word, "storm," is "a disturbance of the atmosphere marked by wind and usually rain, snow, hail, sleet, or thunder and lightning." Well, judging from how Stormi had been revealed to the world, we can say she, indeed, caused quite a storm. Kylie is a trendsetter, so it was expected for her to come up with an unusual name. 

News broke that Kylie was pregnant last September, but she didn’t confirm her pregnancy and went on social media hiatus until the baby arrived in February 1, later sharing the news to the world in February 4. Her baby announcement came through an 11-minute heartfelt video and an Instagram post, wherein Kylie apologized to her fans for keeping them in the dark about her pregnancy. She said she wanted to enjoy this beautiful experience in private.

The beauty mogul felt she needed to take on "the role of a lifetime" in a healthy way.



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Following the birth of Stormi Webster, this new mom has also been officially declared the richest sibling in the Kardashian-Jenner family, beating her sister Kim Kardashian West. Boosted by her beauty line and insanely popular lip kits, which have become renowned for selling out in a matter of seconds, she is now worth $386 million!

Her sister Kim is second richest with $175 million, and her brother Rob is at the bottom with $8 million.

Travis’ girlfriend has been predicted to be on track to become a billionaire by 2022, in US money.

When Kylie set out to do her now-widely popular business, apparently, she wasn't in it to make money. In an interview with LOVE, she shares that "I think truly, I put a lot of hard work into this. It’s not like I am doing this to make money. I don’t even think about that part."



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