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Why Tracee Ellis Ross Is Our Holiday Travel Goddess

Tracee Ellis Ross dances to the music of cicadas. In France. After attending Pierpaolo Piccioli’s show for Valentino. Wearing a white bikini, a head wrap, and no make-up. While this would be called Spring Break for millions of college-age girls across America, for Ross, it’s just another day in Ross country. Anything goes.



One day she’s shaking her hips at the camera…



Another day she’s doing a cover shoot for Vanity Fair. At forty five, she’s no spring chicken but she’s just as fresh.



??????????????? (yes I brought this hat all the way to France)

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Much has already been written about her pedigree—she’s daughter to Diana Ross and music executive Robert Ellis Silberstein. Ditto her career, which has seen a meteoric rise in the comedy series Black-ish—but to the IG world, she’s still a revelation. She’s the kind of woman who dances like nobody’s watching (although millions of people are), she’s kooky but glamorous, free-spirited but woke. Tracee is a self-proclaimed “compassionate advocate for freedom equity and joy” and a “culture of beauty expander.” To check out her IG account would be to see that she supports various advocacies— among them, not surprisingly, women’s rights.



She’s also the unwitting spokesperson of women everywhere who want to find themselves. “Selfhood,” Tracee calls it. She spoke briefly about this when she collected a Women in Film award just last year. As she dished about Dr. Rainbow Johnson, her character on Black-ish, Tracee says that what struck her about the character wasn’t just her “motherhood, her jobhood or her wifehood, but that she is a self with all those parts.”



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Part of Tracee’s “selfhood” involves travelling to various locales and slaying vacation OOTDs on Instagram.

We started following Ms. Ellis Ross after learning about how gorgeous she makes a tropical vacation here

Ever since, we would spend sleepless nights awaiting where her next holiday will be.

To her 4.7 followers, Tracee can do no wrong. She’s Beyoncé, ten years hence, her features settling into the kind of middle age most of us can only dream about, all cheekbones and lips, and vacations to beautiful, undisclosed parts of the world. Girls are covetous but never hating. They leave what might as well be love letters in the comments section of her feed. The words are different but the sentiments run the same—you are naturally beautiful, your body is heavenly, I want to be you, or at least be friends with you. Some of them are slightly ageist, backhanded compliments. “We have the same body…and I’m 23,” runs a comment, to which Tracee’s other fans reply: “no shade, but hers is better.”  




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Whether she’s out on a road in Southern France pairing a polka dot dress with a pair of—gasp—Birkenstocks, or listening to cicadas churr, and proceeding to shake her booty to the discordant music, Tracee is in touch with herself, and wants you to be, too.


Photos from @traceeellisross