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5 Things You Didn’t Know About "Women Of Style" Host Joey Mead King

This August, Metro Channel will be premiering a brand new magazine show titled Women of Style, where host Joey Mead King talks to women who embody the essence of style in their daily lives—at work, at home, and at play.

Joey Mead King is already a well-known television personality, model, and lifestyle host, appearing before as a judge and mentor on reality show Asia’s Next Top Model. In recent years, she also made headlines when her husband Ian King revealed to the world that she is now a transgender woman and wishes to be known as Angelina “Angie” Mead King. It was a challenging time for the couple but they only emerged stronger and more beautiful together when they overcame the transition.

Joey is such an amazing woman, inside and out. Get to know her more with these five things you might not know yet about her.


Joey proposed to Angie first.

Before they got married in 2011, it was actually Joey who proposed to Angie first. Overthrowing all expectations that the men should be the one going down on one knee to propose to their girlfriends, she says, “11 years ago, we were in bed, and I mimed it out in my worst sign language.”



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Joey’s dream career is pretty close.

Joey has lived her life under the spotlight. Ever since she was 15, she was already modelling in Manila, Bangkok, and Hong Kong, became a video jockey for Channel V International, appeared in various magazine covers and TV commercials, and did countless of TV and live hostings inside and outside the country.




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But when asked what her dream career really was from when she was young, she reveals she wanted to be a journalist or news anchor for BBC. Pretty close, eh?



Joey and Angie’s pets are all adopted and rescued.

In 2015, Joey became the face of the very first pro-cat campaign of PAWS Philippines. She says that ever since she was young, she was already a huge animal lover. “I’ve always wanted to help animals I see on the street. I was just never in one country long enough and was only renting small spaces to keep them.”



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Now, Joey is free to take in as many animals as she can, and they currently have 15 #KingMeadPets under their care. 13 of these are under the couple’s supervision while two are living in the family farm. One of their pets was adopted from PAWS, one was given to them, and the rest were rescued.



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Joey has lots of tattoos.

You may have seen some of Joey’s tattoos peeking from her photographs and television appearances, but in total, she actually has nine tattoos all over her body, a mixture of things that mean a lot to her and designs that capture her fancy.



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One of her most recent ones is a tattoo of her late dog Noah on her ankle.



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Joey is now on a strict no-meat diet.

As a model and TV host, Joey has an impeccable figure, but she reveals that she never really deprived herself from eating what she wanted to eat. However, she has recently stopped eating red meat, dairy, coffee, and a number of other food because of health reasons.



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Because she can’t indulge on desserts like she usually did, she says, “I miss milk chocolate. But I am always on the lookout for a yummy dark chocolate to appease me.”


Catch the premiere of Women of Style this August 5, 7:00 p.m., on Metro Channel 174 on Sky Cable HD.