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Check Out Dani Barretto And Xavi Panlilio's Rustic Pre-Wedding Shoot

It's been a whole month since Dani Barretto and Xavi Panlilio's engagement, and since then, they've discovered more to love about each other and reasons to be excited about for a life of wedded bliss together. 

As they count down the days before they meet each other at the altar, they've enoyed all the ways to celebrate their love before the big day—including a pre-wedding photo shoot!



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With the help of Charisse Tinio of NicePrint Photo, the pre-wedding session was the epitome of all the things that have deepened Dani and Xavi's relationship over time, most epseically their love of travel. 


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"What I loved about the looks is that NicePrint Photo and Charice Tinio really incorporated our personalities to all the looks. We told them we love going on out of town trips, so we shot in this beautiful hidden gem rest house called Timmy in the Woods in Antipolo. The shoot is very outdoorsy just like the two of us," explained Dani. 



Not a couple to emphasize choreographed posing over enjoying the moment, Dani and Xavi were totally natural and in love throughout the process; snaps of them walking hand in hand or sharing a warm embrace will surely be images they'll love to look back on for years to come.


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Their outfits were just as relaxed and easygoing; with Dani dressed in breezy numbers (while rocking trendy accessories, to match!) and Xavi matching her perfectly in summer-ready ensembles, both of them were a vision of effortless complements.  

Revealing the team behind the shoot's aesthetic, Dani said, "Cath Sobrevega styled Xavi and I, Apple Faraon did our makeup and MJ Rome did our hair." 



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Overall, the experience was a lovely glimpse into what it will soon be like as Mr. and Mrs. 


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Dani and Xavi were a hundred percent satisfied by Niceprint Photo's art direction and choice of venue, a favorite part of theirs being a specially made cake by Christian Mark Jacobs and his Naked Patisserie team!

The two-tier, lemon-flavored sweet treat went so well with their rustic-themed shoot that it received almost as many compliments as the couple themselves; Dani and Xavi made sure to get their fill of it when the day was done, too!



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If there's anything we've learned about Dani and Xavi from their pre-wedding shoot, it's that their focus is all on each other; everything else—photo shoots, pretty clothes, gifts, and glam-up sessions—is all simply the cherry on top of the cake that's their beautiful relationship.


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As of this writing, Xavi is about to go through one of the rites of passage of husbands in the making—a bachelor's party! And although the occasion might call for an all-guys only night, he's made sure to make Dani feel that she'll still be the center of his attention amidst all the fun. 

"I’m far from perfect. But I can promise you that I will try my best to make you feel complete, to make you feel loved. With the ups, and downs. I will always be right by your side to power through it. Remember, you won’t need anyone else as long as I’m around. I will be your constant, I will be permanent," he wrote on Instagram. 

Check out more sweet snaps from their pre-wedding photo shoot in the gallery below!









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