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EXCLUSIVE: This Is What Twins Mavy & Cassy Legaspi Think Of Their "Tatay" Zoren


#FamilyGoals. A perfect family. A portrait of a beautiful, happy family. 

The Legaspi family has always been perceived as the embodiment of an ideal family, like how they are portrayed in their many TV commercials and ad campaigns. These descriptions fit them rightly so, but what we've also found to be true for them is that they're real. In some ways, they're just like most families. They're perfectly imperfect. They're happy but not all the time. And these essentially make their family a good, genuine example, showing that imperfections, problems, or misunderstandings are part and parcel of what makes a family stronger together and ultimately bonded for life.

For this family, the head of their household, Zoren Legaspi, is the one to credit for laying the groundwork of the dynamics that prove to work for all of its members, wife Carmina Villarroel and their twins Mavy and Cassy. He is his kids' moral compass, paving the way for them to move forward on the right path with the right attitude. He is their coach and mentor, a stern and smart individual who pushes his kids to always be the best that they can be. He is their leader, the person who values teamwork, cares so much about their future, and makes sure to lead them to success.  


"Ang magaling na tatay, coach 'yan, siya 'yung mag-ga-guide sa inyo at tutulungan kayong dumiskarte"—Zoren


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Zoren is all that and more—Mavy and Cassy say he's their best friend, too. He's always there to listen to them and give them pieces of advice even when sometimes, Cassy shares, their conversations turn into a lecture. Despite that, they appreciate his willingness to get involved in their lives just at a certain level that doesn't go overboard into overparenting. Zoren is also a fan of his kids, ever supportive of their endeavors and is forever proud of their accomplishments, big or small. 

These roles he plays in the lives of their twins, who recently turned 18 and are about to enter college, are all packaged in one father, who sets a healthy balance between fun and seriousness. He loves being with his kids—talking to them, working out with them, dining out or traveling with them, and bonding with them at home. But when the topic is about their future, he expects them to put their game faces on and be serious about steering their lives in the right direction. He is their father, after all, and Zoren agrees that, just like the saying "mothers know best," fathers know best, too?. He and Carmina may have different parenting styles but they are proud to say that, together, they were able to raise well-mannered, respectful kids who are passionate about life and learning.      


"Mas strict ako [kaysa kay Carmina] because of the discipline na gusto kong matutunan nila. Kunwari may pagkain sa bahay, o-order ka sa labas? E may pagkain dito. Mine kasi, it’s more of technical parenting e, [si Carmina] emotional parenting." 


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Read on to find out what twins Mavy and Cassy have to say about their tatay Zoren:


How do you usually celebrate Father's Day?

Mavy: "My dad likes to keep it simple. He doesn’t like it extraordinary... it’s either we just really chill at home, eat out, or watch a movie. My dad is pretty laidback kasi when it comes to Father’s Day. But of course, we give him that one day na parang may special treatment naman si dad."

Cassy: "My dad, he’s a simple person. He really doesn’t expect much. We just do the usual—we go out for dinner in a fancy restaurant, that’s it! He's just chill."


"My dad is very straightforward and that's what I respect most about him"—Mavy


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If money was no object, what gift would you give your dad?

Mavy: "I would give him a dog, a dobermann to be specific, because his dobermann passed away and it’s so sad."

Cassy: "My dad is a cyclist. I would buy a small house and put like a mini bike shop for my dad because he has his part in our house where he places his bikes and where he cleans them, like everyday."


What do you enjoy doing with your dad the most?

Mavy: "Besides working out, basketball; we always watch NBA together. Anything sports-related, car-related. Guy talks."

Cassy: "Besides going to the gym. Again, very simple, our late-night talks. I feel so bad because I make him puyat, even if he has taping the next day. We'd be talking until 3a.m. He’s just there listening and gives you advice. Then sometimes it turns into a lecture (laughs)."



How close  are you to your parents?

Mavy: "Super close. They’re not just my parents, they’re like my best friends. I know we all have these super close friends, but my parents are always first, no joke! When I have something to say or make kwento, they’re always first to know. They know how to adjust to what's happening now which is what I like... They’re so easy to talk to."

Cassy: "We’re so close that I sometimes accidentally call them 'dude.' I didn’t even realize it. 'Dude.' Sorry.  I forget that they’re my parents. I feel like I’m talking to my brother or my sister or my best friend. Sorry, mom, dad."


How different are the parenting styles of your mom and dad?

Mavy: "My mom is comforting when you’re sharing your thoughts, having conversations. She’s more like, 'Ah okay, I see.' But my dad is very straightforward and that's what I respect most about him—'No, this is how it is,' but he’s not like, 'No, it has to be this.' He’s just, in like millennial terms, he’s just keeping it real. Straight to the point. My mom and my sister are very talkative so their conversations go everywhere. My dad kasi, he’s not as patient when it comes to conversations. He’s really direct to the point. The number one quality of my dad is really that he keeps it real and that’s been easy on us. I think that’s what people need, real people."

Cassy: "Super different. My mom is like my brother, and I’m like my dad. My mom is very neat, very OC and so is my brother. My dad and I are very chill, magulo... They’re both selfless but they’re selfless in different ways. My mom, she’s a very giving person. That’s her number one thing, always put other people first; she teaches us that value. My dad is also selfless, but at the same time, he teaches us to take care of ourselves and all that. Love yourself. I learned the best of both worlds when it comes to my parents. There’s a balance."



What's the best lesson or advice your dad had given you?

Mavy: "I guess to just be yourself. Because, of course, I can't stop the comparisons between my sister and I in school. My dad always put this in my head: 'you’re only human.' For my dad, you’re yourself. You’re Mavy. Cassy’s Cassy. Zoren’s Zoren. Carmina’s Carmina."

Cassy: "From his one million lectures (he is a disciplinarian, my dad is strict). He recently just gave me a lecture on how I should be a '100% of yourself' before you focus on other things. For example, focus on my school, my craft, my job before I get having a love life, because I’m entering this new chapter in my life."


"He is strict but he’s a softie. A softie strict dad, that’s the perfect description"—Cassy



What is one thing about your dad that not a lot of people know about your dad?

Mavy: "He’s very chill. Some people think he is scary but once you get to know him, he’s just super chill. There was this one time when my good friend was actually working with my dad on a show and he told me na the first day, he was so scared of my dad but when he started talking to him, he’s super laidback and chill. I guess that’s what I want the world to know, he’s just a super chill person."

Cassy: "Some people think, especially my friends and my classmates, they get surprised that my dad is strict. Some say naman that my dad is scary. He is strict but he’s a softie. A softie strict dad, that’s the perfect description."



Why is your dad the best dad?

Mavy: "Because he’s my best friend. I'm sure everyone has different kinds of relationships with their dads but for me, it’s just, the best thing I can really ask for is he’s not only a dad to me but he’s also my best friend. The son-dad relationship, it’s difficult at times, but that's what I like about him, he can stoop down and become bro, best friend."

Cassy: "‘Cause I’m his daughter (laughs). He is the best dad because he is the best of both worlds, the best of all worlds."


What is your message to your dad?

Mavy: "I just wanna say, of couse, 'thank you.' He’s really the man of the house. He’s always family first. I wouldn’t ask for another person to be my dad. I'm really thankful for him. He has taught me a lot. He taught me everything I need to know, everything that a gentleman must do. He’s really done so much for the family. I don’t say it everyday but I'm so thankful for him."

Cassy: "To my tatay, thank you for being the protector of our family. Thank you for putting our family’s needs first over your own. Thank you for always choosing us over anything else, it’s very selfless. And for guiding Mavy and I towards the right path. I love you!"




Watch Mavy and Cassy's Father's Day greeting below:




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