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EXCLUSIVE: Beauty Brand Teviant Celebrates Its First Anniversary With Muses Heart Evangelista And Kim Chiu

Teviant founder and top celebrity makeup artist Albert Kurniawan says muses Heart Evangelista and Kim Chiu have had a huge influence in his career: “That is why when I founded Teviant, there are no other muses that I can think of but them”

Top celebrity makeup artist Albert Kurniawan is celebrating the first anniversary of his makeup brand Teviant. It has only been a year since its luxuriously packaged, made-in-Italy, cruelty-free products made their way into women’s beauty arsenal, but the impact it has made so far in the local beauty industry has been tremendous.

Albert’s signature makeup style leans towards punctuating a look with statement eyes. This is why Teviant’s product portfolio mainly focuses on covetable eye makeup essentials. A lot of celebrities, beauty queens, and local fashion muses have been fans of this brand, and it’s easy to see why.

Two of Albert’s beloved celebrity clients-turned-friends now serve as Teviant muses: Heart Evangelista and Kim Chiu. And in this exclusive Metro.Style feature, Heart, Kim, and Albert mark the milestone of Teviant, showcasing bold eye makeup shades that are sure to elevate your looks for the holidays and beyond.

To celebrate their first anniversary, Teviant is releasing limited-edition anniversary bundles, including signed eyeshadow palettes by Heart and eyebrow kits with mirrors signed by Kim. There are three sets for Heart with signed eyeshadow palettes, while Kim has two sets with eyebrow kits in three color variants to suit different skin tones and hair colors. What's more, you can get 20% off on eye and brow products on today till tomorrow, November 29!

Heart Evangelista, Albert Kurniawan, and Kim Chiu celebrate Teviant's first anniversary.
Teviant muses Heart Evangelista and Kim Chiu on the cover of Metro.Style | Photo by Dookie Ducay

Scroll through the gallery below to see Teviant's anniversary bundles:

The Teviant founder and top celebrity makeup artist shared that Heart and Kim truly boosted his career as a makeup artist. Albert says, “Heart and Kim played a huge role in my career. I really believe they are my lucky charm. That is why when I founded Teviant, there are no other muses that I can think of but them.”

Teviant was launched in November 2018 with a collection of four eye palettes called Love Marie for Teviant collection. The brand started offering eye makeup products, but its product range is continuously growing and now includes blush, highlighting, and bronzing/sculpting palettes.

Heart shared how she personally witnessed Albert develop Teviant from scratch. “He always spoke of how he wanted to have a beauty brand named after his mother. He worked on the brand for three years, na ang tagal ma-launch, akala ko nga na niloloko niya na ako eh!” Heart shares in jest.

Albert started working on his brand in late 2016. He would personally visit laboratories in Italy, and would work with chemists to develop and mix formulations. “I chose Italian suppliers because I can really see the lab, factories. Since I was creating a makeup brand, I wanted to really know what formulations are in my products. I was very particular, but all the more my Italian suppliers, who are so good at what they’re doing because they produce 80% of the top-notch makeup brands in the world,” Albert says.

This attention to detail and commitment to offering high-quality makeup are what truly make Teviant a promising player in the local beauty scene. It has only been a year, but with the high standards Albert and his team have set for their products, Teviant has already built a solid foundation that it can stand on for many more years to come.

Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Teviant Artist Collection!


Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Teviant Artist Collection!

Teviant founder Albert Kurniawan with Heart Evangelista and Kim Chiu
Teviant founder Albert Kurniawan with Heart Evangelista and Kim Chiu | Dookie Ducay

Heart Evangelista

With her front row presence in major fashion week events and her creative collaborations with global fashion brands, Heart Evangelista is becoming more and more of an international brand.

It was just revealed that she was chosen to be part of the VogueWorld 100, a curated list of “distinctive creative voices from around the globe, encompassing actors, artists, musicians, athletes, stylists, activists, chefs, choreographers, videographers, beauty fanatics, glamour girls, and wonderful weirdos of every stripe” that were chosen by Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and her team.

Just last New York Fashion Week season, she was named one of the top 10 influencers in the world who have shaken up the event based on digital interactions and engagements. She was the only Filipino fashion personality in the list created by market research company Ipsos. She was alongside international forces such as Cardi B, Christina Aguilera, Sandara Park, and Anna Kendrick. The numbers stated in the marketing stats just tell you how Heart’s influence in beauty and fashion has truly gone global.

“I am flattered, and it is just surreal to me. I can’t fully grasp it yet but in a way, I think that is good because it makes me work harder. But at the same time, I don’t want to be so conscious about it as I just want to enjoy what I am doing,” Heart shares in jest as she was being glammed up for this photo shoot. “I am just happy that I get to finally share my real self to my fans through my social media channels.”

Heart Evangelista Has Been Chosen To Be Part Of Vogue 100!


Heart Evangelista Has Been Chosen To Be Part Of Vogue 100!

Heart Evangelista for Teviant
Heart Evangelista and Albert Kurniawan's partnership in the makeup chair started ten years ago at a TV show production. At the time, Heart would usually come to the set fully made-up and Albert would just do retouches. One time, however, Heart was not feeling well so she arrived barefaced. Albert recalls, “She was talking to her mom on the phone when I started doing her makeup without her realizing or noticing it. And then she was surprised of the outcome. From then on, I’ve become her makeup artist.” | Photo by Dookie Ducay

For someone who has practically grown up in front of the camera, you would think that Heart had a breeze finding and presenting her real self to the world. The actress, singer, artist, and socialite also had her share of struggles in terms of finding her footing. “I used to follow the patterns of this world, but now I feel like I am going against the flow in a way, especially with certain rules about how I should be a certain way, or this and that in the past. I just want to be myself, and I think that makes me really happy,” Heart says.

Her fashion sense and sophistication have reached global popularity when she was featured in a Crazy Rich Asians-themed photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

World-renowned fashion forces have easily been drawn to her charisma and kindness as well. French fashion designer Christian Louboutin has become one of her good friends, while fashion houses like Judith Leiber have been sending personalized items her way. She has become one of the staple celebrity influencers in major fashion events like New York, Paris, and Milan Fashion Weeks.

#MetroStyleWatch: Heart Evangelista's Paris Couture Week Style Diary


#MetroStyleWatch: Heart Evangelista's Paris Couture Week Style Diary

“Today, I am really more of travelling the world and finally seeing it. I am a late bloomer in that sense since I started to really travel more when I got married. I am really enjoying all of that now and basically focusing on my social media content. For me, this is really the time that I am showing who I really am and my fans are really getting to know me more through my YouTube channel,” Heart shares.

Amassing more than 1.35 million subscribers on YouTube and 4.5 million followers on Instagram, Heart has indeed mastered the art of sharing some facets of her life while keeping some privatefrom being a wife to Sorsogon governor Chiz Escudero, a part-Bicolana who loves promoting her beloved Sorsogon (her mom was from Camarines Sur, Bicol by the way), a loving mommy to her dogs, to being a style icon with a closet to die for. Her authenticity makes her a relatable person, capable of touching people’s lives from all walks of life.

International fashion brands have been impressed by her digital influence and star appeal. French fashion house Gas Bijoux was amazed by the attention Heart has drawn to their offerings with just a single Instagram post; that led to Heart’s collaborative collection with the brand. The same thing happened with French bag label Sequoia, which offers bags designed by Heart herself to its global clientele. Recently, too, she was in the front row at the presentation of the H&M x Giambattista Valli collection in Rome, and she got to wear some of the pieces from the collaboration for a photo shoot with Italian photographer Filippo Fortis.

Heart is fast becoming the queen of creative collaborations, and she seamlessly incorporates her love for painting and art into some of these collections and campaigns with brands.

FIRST LOOK: Heart Evangelista Flew To Rome To Wear Giambattista Valli Collaboration With H&M


FIRST LOOK: Heart Evangelista Flew To Rome To Wear Giambattista Valli Collaboration With H&M

Heart Evangelista for Teviant
The Love Marie for Teviant collection features four eye shadow palettes named Amore, Mademoiselle, Señorita and Queen. “For me, Mademoiselle and Señorita are my favorites. Actually, I love that the colors are so much fun in each palette. Whether you need wild colors, or a little bit muted ones, you could still play around with each palette," Heart says. | Photo by Dookie Ducay

“These days, I am busy with my social media content and brand collaborations. Fashion-related collaborations for me also mean art. I just did a collaboration with Gas Bijoux, and it will be launched in more countries soon,” she says. “I am doing a second leg of Sequoia bags, too.”

Locally, Heart has been elevating the style scene. In her Instagram posts, she would highlight locally made footwear like abaca sandals from Liliw, Laguna, accessories made of pili from Sorsogon, and collaborations with Filipino clothing brands. She also hinted on global collaborations highlighting Filipino raw materials. For her Fashion Week escapades, she is always seen in couture pieces made by Filipino fashion designers like her good friend Mark Bumgarner.

Promoting Filipino talent and craftsmanship is just one of the many ways Heart uses her influence and platform to good use. As much as she is cementing her global influence in the fashion world, Heart is also focused on one goal. “It is fun to work with foreign fashion brands, but of course, highlighting our local fashion also is still the goal. The reason I also go international is to basically show the world what we also have here in the Philippines that we can offer,” Heart shares. 

 WATCH: Heart Evangelista’s Guide To Finding Your Personal Style


WATCH: Heart Evangelista’s Guide To Finding Your Personal Style

Heart Evangelista and Kim Chiu for Teviant, Metro.Style cover
Albert started working Heart Evangelista about 10 years ago, while the first time he worked with Kim was in 2014. “Napansin ko na lang na sa akin na lahat ng mga chinita and Asian beauties, which I totally embraced and loved. Asian beauties love celebrations and festivities by nature, so when you dress them up and glam them up, they effortlessly look sophisticated,” Albert tells Metro.Style. | Photo by Dookie Ducay

Kim Chiu

This “Chinita Princess” has been in showbiz since 2006, but she remains to be one of the most bankable stars in the Philippine entertainment industry today. She is someone who can be considered as a triple threat—she can act, sing, and dance; she can even host, too!

But aside from her talents, the Filipino audience has also been drawn to Kim because of her wit, charm, humor, and beauty. Her gorgeous oriental looks even became a trending topic on Twitter and other social media platforms one Sunday in 2014. Kim rocked a remarkable makeup look, which she wore from her ASAP performance to her interview with Boy Abunda on The Buzz. The look was of soft-blended smokey eyes with full lashes, a very subtle glam makeup style that highlighted Kim’s Filipina-Chinese features. That single beauty look helped further push the name of Indonesian makeup artist Albert Kurniawan into mainstream beauty scene.

The partnership between the makeup artist and the muse has become stronger through the years. That when Albert decided to launch Teviant, it was no surprise that Kim was tapped as one of its celebrity ambassadors. 

“It was easy for me to support Albert in his beauty endeavors because he really understands and masters the art of makeup. So he invited me to a sit-down meeting for his eyebrow collection for Teviant,” Kim shares. “Since I am part-Chinese, konti lang ang hair ng eyebrows ko talaga, so kailangan maglagay ng extra effort talaga sa kilay ko. Because of that, eyebrow makeup has always been my favorite beauty tool, especially since I do not go out of the house talaga without doing my eyebrows.”

Kim was delighted to see how amazing Teviant’s eyebrow products are. “I was happy that Albert offered me to be an ambassador for his Teviant eyebrow line, because they truly are the best brow products I have had. My favorite is Teviant’s brow tint, because it is really long-lasting. Kahit mag-swimming ka sa dagat, hindi siya mabubura.” The brow products come in brow tint, duo powder, and gel, to suit different preferences.

Kim Chiu Floods Timelines With Wintry #OOTDs In Denmark


Kim Chiu Floods Timelines With Wintry #OOTDs In Denmark

Kim Chiu for Teviant
The actress has learned a lot of beauty tricks from Albert. One beauty tip that Kim truly lives by? She says, “Teviant’s Eyebrow Duo is indeed perfect for your brows, and you can also use it for your nose line. You can also have it as your eyeshadow. So it is really multifunctional." | Photo by Dookie Ducay

Aside from being a beauty brand endorser, Kim is now a vlogger and influencer, too, with a YouTube channel that has 1.26 million subscribers and Instagram account with 7.5 million followers as of this writing. She is likewise currently working on a new teleserye slated to be aired in 2020.

Right now, I am doing Love Thy Woman. It is a teleserye with Yam Concepcion and Xian Lim. It is a story about a Chinese family. It is going to be an exciting phase for me next year because a lot of projects are coming,” Kim shares.

For now though, she is looking forward to celebrating Christmas with her family. “For me, Christmas has always been about family and I am planning to celebrate the holidays with them in a place where there is snow. No solid plans yet, but I am definitely thinking of a snowy Christmas this year. What I look forward also is that I get to design and put up my very own Christmas tree again this year. It has been a yearly ritual for me ever since my most memorable Christmas ever, which was the very first time I put up my own Christmas tree. Growing up, we did not have a tree kasi, so noong nag-artista na ako and had my own house, unforgettable talaga sa’kin na I got to put up my own Christmas tree. So it became a yearly thing for me.”

Kim Chiu And Xian Lim Spend (Lots Of!) Quality Time Together In Europe


Kim Chiu And Xian Lim Spend (Lots Of!) Quality Time Together In Europe

It is a nice ritual to cap off the young star’s 2019, a year  that welcomed a lot of opportunities for self-discovery. “I have learned a lot of lessons about 2019. When we did ASAP Rome in Italy recently, I did my own stuff and explored the city alone. It was my first time to go around in a (foreign) city all by myself. and I learned that it is nice to know more about yourself. It might be scary for you to go explore by yourself, but at the end of the day, you will learn that you only have yourself. So no one will take your picture, so ikaw lang din talaga!” the actress says in jest.

“We are living in a busy world, and I learned na it is okay to slow down, and take some time for yourself, to know yourself more. Masaya pala sya, ngayon ko lang na-discover. It is nice to make an effort to know and love yourself more. It will make you more confident.”

The actress then reflected on how that love for oneself and confidence can easily be translated to your beauty look and style. “You should feel happy once you wear a certain makeup or outfit, and if you are not happy wearing it, then do not go for it. It is all about being happy about yourself from within, that’s a timeless beauty and style tip,” Kim concludes.

Head over to now to avail Teviant's first anniversary special treats!

Produced by Kat Cruz-Villanueva

Creative direction by Kate Paras-Santiago

Photography by Dookie Ducay

Video by Fold Canela

Heart: Makeup by May Francisco, hairstyling by Jecka Aguilar, and styling by Kat Cruz 

Kim: Makeup by Jelly Eugenio, hairstyling by RJ dela Cruz, and styling by Adrianne Concepcion

Nails by Extraordinail

Set design by Philippine School of Interior Design

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