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Laureen Uy and Miggy Cruz Gear Up for Their Big Day With Metro Weddings

Laureen and Miggy talked about how their wedding preparations are going, their pre- and post-plans as life partners, and what marrying each other is like

Laureen Uy and Miggy Cruz gear up for their big day with Metro Weddings.
In this Metro Weddings exclusive, cool couple Laureen Uy and Miggy Cruz looked back on their relationship while looking forward to their wedding day. | Photography by Andrea Beldua

The minute Laureen Uy and Miggy Cruz entered the room, I could easily tell by their mushy exchanges that they are the perfect match. I sensed two people of the same wavelength—cut from the same cloth—but opposites all the same. 

I was delighted by how breezy and merry they were on set, all smiles throughout the interview—the kind that extends to the eyes and gestures. The sweetness was so infectious I started wondering if they have a cheat sheet on how to remain obsessed with each other. 

The power duo in the public eye is each other’s oasis in private. Laureen knows how to polish things to perfection, and Miggy relishes in her flair for organization—as if he is the luckiest man alive.

Laureen Uy and Miggy Cruz - Metro Weddings cover shoot
On Laureen: Sheer dress by Odile Pauline, blazer by Neric Beltran, over skirt by Rosa Clara, and earrings by Mei Diamonds | On Miggy: Suit by Deliver Deliver Daily, inner button-down by Cos, shades by Gentle Monster, and rings by Mei Diamonds

“I have my strengths and I have my weaknesses, [but] my weaknesses are often complemented by what Lau brings into the relationship,” Miggy told Metro.Style in an exclusive sit-down interview. “She’s the more organized one. She’s the one that wants everything neat and tidy. I’m like the go-with-the-flow [type].”

Laureen, meanwhile, is madly in love with her fiancé’s cooking. She finds herself lucky to be the first taster of the food Miggy brings to the table, like his timeless, mouthwatering monster of a burger. “I know I’m not a great cook,” she casually butted in, shifting the conversation slowly to a deeper mood. “There are aspects of our lives that just really complement each other.”

Of course, since wedding preparations are also underway, I couldn’t help but ask if they’re already feeling the pressure. “We’re nearing the date. It’s so exciting. A lot of people usually tell me that I should feel stressed out,” Laureen replied, feeling relaxed on the contrary. 

I could sense Miggy’s share in the wedding takes a significant part of the pie as well, as Laureen proved how immersed he is in the process. “I feel like with Miggy—since he’s very hands-on also—everything’s been super great,” she said.

Laureen Uy and Miggy Cruz - Metro Weddings cover shoot

Of impressing each other and first impressions

Flashback to how they started: the classic boy-meets-girl in a bar, only it didn’t end up steamy. The couple fell into the shackles of inevitable fate, as if on cue. Finding a club in Manila on a Thursday evening, after all, is as easy as kinder mathematics. Thanks to a common friend, he had a gig on that lucky day. 

The kind that will turn heads in her direction, Laureen hauled in Miggy’s attention. “It wasn’t anything like I liked her right away; it was like I liked her vibe,” Miggy looked back. Laureen, similarly, vouched for the sweet vibe Miggy naturally gave off. 

“We were both in the same area and had common friends. I actually didn’t know of him until I met him that night, but I really liked his energy because he was just dancing and super good vibes lang,” she narrated.

Bonding over the blends of hip-hop and R&B, Laureen and Miggy had an instant connection. Miggy’s initiative to pop in Laureen’s inbox was a success, as the two went on a series of dates soon after. “When we had our first date the following week, we just never stopped seeing each other. It was date after date after date,” Laureen attested to it.

“In two weeks, kami na!” Miggy even joked, expounding on the meet-cute. “I think she was very approachable. I think when I met her, it didn’t feel like I had to impress her.”

“It was more like we were just dancing together,” he made out of it. “She did ask for my drink during that night and parang I was like, ‘Okay! I guess that’s a sign that she might like me.’”

On Laureen: Blazer by Neric Beltran, dress by Rosa Clara, heels by Tumtum, earrings by Mei Diamonds, and shades by Gentle Monster

Being with Laureen in the bar, Miggy also noticed how fashionable she looked. Like the fashionista she is, she rocked this sporty yet sexy outfit, which Miggy was drawn to like a magnet. “She was wearing this Calvin Klein bra and naka-sleeveless lang [siya]. So parang may peekaboo dito [sa gilid]. ‘Okay ’yun, ah!’ Sabi ko, ‘[I’m] mesmerized!’” Miggy stated.

Seeing Laureen and Miggy, I realized what a perfect approach to romance. It’s attraction but not just in the physical sense. It’s in the purest sense possible where you feel no shame in declaring what’s endearing about that person in all angles and all aspects. 

Laureen, for instance, finds their love story a remarkable one, as they already shared all kinds of conversation under the sun. They didn’t need to impress each other, because they were already impressed. She shared, “The first time we hung out, it was super swak—all our conversations. And then the second date was like, ‘Oh my god, we still think alike.’ And then the third date, it’s still the same.”

“So I feel like in terms of connection,” Laureen continued, “it was there. It was very strong. Everything that we like doing together, parang sobrang in sync lang.”

Contrary to popular belief, Laureen thinks that being more similar than different helps the relationship. Yes—maybe they’re miles away from each other in certain things, but they are both die-hard Lakers fans and listen to the same songs on Spotify. “It doesn’t necessarily mean the same person, but we just enjoy each other’s company,” Miggy added in agreement. “And I think both of us like going out, kasi parang feeling ko, hindi magiging kami if we don’t have that youthful energy to keep going out.”

The proposal

A couple since 2016, it seems there is no stopping these two from pursuing the adventure of a lifetime. Keeping the fire burning is something many lovers fail to do, but in the case of Laureen and Miggy, it’s something that comes naturally if built on a strong foundation like each other’s values.

“It’s very important for me, especially that we’re getting married soon. Parang if hindi in sync ’yung values namin—just in everything—it would be different,” Laureen pondered. In agreement to what she emphasized, meanwhile, Miggy said, “I think we just complement each other really well.”

Last year in May, when Laureen felt the need to shoot a Wes Anderson-inspired reel using various landmarks in the US as backdrops, all the magic happened. At the Joshua Tree National Park in California, in the middle of a majestic landscape and against the sunset, Miggy popped the question. Laureen, of course, was caught off-guard, as she didn’t have the slightest idea that a simple getaway trip would turn into a fairy tale. 

She walked us through how it happened. “I remember going back to our Airbnb and changing into my hoodie kasi I wanted to be comfy na during sunset,” Laureen began, saying that Miggy even took a nap first before asking her to catch the sunset. “I think he really planned it the whole day.”

Getting dressed up at 7 AM in his most dapper look, Laureen asked Miggy where he was planning to go. She somehow felt he is setting the tone for one full day of supposedly filming themselves, but she didn’t have a clue still that the proposal would come about.

“It was a fun day ’cause we were doing stuff around Joshua Tree, ’cause usually, we would just stay in the Airbnb. And then come sunset, nagdi-direct pa ako in my head. I remember, during the actual footage—the long video—I was still fixing my outfit. And then I remember him putting his arm around me and he said, ‘I love you, you’re the best thing that happened to me.’”

And it was in that moment that her world bolted to a stop. She couldn’t process it; Miggy’s words had suddenly turned into gibberish. She couldn’t pick up a single thing he was saying. She was dumbfounded. She is getting married. And the best part? She’s getting married to her friend.

On Laureen: Dress and bejeweled hotshorts by Neric Beltran | On Miggy: Suit by Deliver Deliver Daily, inner top by Bonita Penaranda, shades by Gentle Monster, rings by Mei Diamonds, and broach by Tiffany & Co

“Always beside”

After celebrating his birthday last year, Miggy’s idea of settling down sparked out of the blue. At that age, he felt willing and ready, and a bigger responsibility didn’t sound intimidating at all. I asked him how he knew that Laureen was the right one. “After my birthday, I was like, ‘Ah, time to get the ring!’ And ’yun, tuluy-tuloy na,” he started off.

Getting the engagement ring a month before he actually proposed, he kept the jewelry hidden so as not to attract Laureen’s attention. “I was telling myself, ‘I’m not going to feel pressured or stressed hiding the ring.’ Nagka-pimples ako, nag-breakout ako! And then a week after—like a day or two after I proposed, parang nag-clear up lahat,” Miggy revealed. 

I turned to Laureen then to hear her side of the story. I asked what made her grateful to have Miggy as a lifetime partner. “We have this saying, ‘always beside.’ Ever since we’ve got together, we’ve really done it. We’re always beside [each other]. No one’s going to be left behind. No one’s going to be in front of each other. In all journeys and every step of the way, we’re supposed to be ‘beside.’ And I think, you know, parang naka-instill siya sa’min.”

Parang naglalakad lang kami,” Miggy added.

“I think she’s one of the most patient people I know, because I think with my happy-go-lucky personality, parang she keeps me grounded. Even if I have crazy ideas, she’s the one to [say], ‘Wait lang! We got to talk about it.’ And I feel that I’ve also matured a lot because of her,” Miggy complimented his wife-to-be, looking at her and at the camera and back to her again.

In a room full of people without Laureen watching, in the same vein, Miggy only has good words to tell when Laureen’s the topic. He said, “First of all, she’s very amazing. She’s an amazing individual, regardless of whether she’s my fiancée or not.”

On Laureen: Dress and headpiece by Neric Beltran, necklace and bracelet by Tiffany & Co | On Miggy: Suit and inner top by Chris Diaz, shades by Gentle Monster, and rings by Mei Diamonds and Tiffany & Co | Check our moving cover here.

Miggy paused, thought of some other things to say, and came up with “eloquent.” And then he paused again, went back on his feet, and tried to nail the right term for what he’s thinking. Laureen, according to him, had that “excitement for life” that he feels most gravitated to. “Those are the type of people that I’m really attracted to, so she’s like the embodiment of that for me.”

Moving back to Laureen, who was then on the verge of tearing up, I asked the same question. 

“He gets me in every way,” she answered, still holding back the tears. “I think he’s the best partner I could ever ask for. He’s just everything I dreamed of in a guy—very patient, very loving. And sometimes, I know, I can be a little bit stubborn, but I think with him, he teaches me how to slow things down.”

Flowers by Akong Gugma | Burger from Hungry Homies

Combing every corner of the world

While there are a lot of firsts in his life, doing them with someone special definitely hits a different spot. Seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time with Laureen, going on rides in Disneyland for the first time with Laureen, and being with Laureen for the first time in Europe are now part of Miggy’s core memory. He couldn’t just choose one favorite among their trips together, because every time he’s with Laureen, it’s always a memorable moment. 

Their prenup shoot in Indonesia, for one, was also something that both of them treasure. 

Laureen recalled, “When we were planning things, it was harder to go to a destination that was a little bit further just because we had only a few days to shoot. And when we were thinking where we could shoot around Asia, I told Miggy na baka we can choose a place where hindi pa masyadong napupuntahan or na-shoo-shoot ng maraming tao.”

Laureen and Miggy combed through many destinations—from UNESCO World Heritage Sites, temples, and cultural landmarks to palaces, ruins, and abandoned places. They love being each other’s company, and no matter the place is—be it in the city proper or in the most far-flung town—what’s important is that they are beside each other.


Partners in life and in business

Starting their food venture Hungry Homies in 2021, Laureen and Miggy shared what it was like to be working on a business together. On what their secret recipe is for success, Miggy responded, “I think we were able to create Hungry Homies because I was able to do something with what I was passionate about, which is cooking.”

Their passion project, which is a result of Laureen pushing Miggy to open a burger store, also holds a special place in Miggy’s heart. “Someone that I trust puts that vote of confidence in me to actually do it,” Miggy revealed. To which, Laureen replied, “But it was really, really good. I remember the first time I tried the burger and it was during the pandemic. So I kept telling him, ‘I think you should [start the business], especially it’s the pandemic and we’re at home, so it’s easy for me to help out also.’”


Collaborating on something outside romance, Laureen and Miggy also proved one thing—that they are perfect match as business partners, other than being each other’s life companion. Laureen shared, “He’s usually the one in the kitchen and I help out with marketing. And I remember, during the pandemic, ako pa ’yung nagsasara ng burger boxes. I was putting the stickers. So I would always make sure that the burger looks guwapo before it comes out of the kitchen.”

Miggy, on the other hand, debunked a business myth: “They would normally warn people in a relationship to not get into business together, but I feel like as long as each one is willing to put in the work and not just ride on the coattails of the other person, that’s when it works.”

Powering him up to reach greater heights, Miggy was also grateful for Laureen’s ever-supportive personality. Without her, according to him, the business wouldn’t just run, especially that they have conceived it during a turbulent time while not having enough background in food and beverage service.

“I really see that she’s not just giving me the confidence, but she’s also really putting in the effort to understand how to run it. We were able to figure it out together,” Miggy took pride in their growing business. “Para kaming nagka-baby talaga.”

On Laureen: Dress and gloves by Neric Beltran, veil by Rosa Clara, earrings by Mei Diamonds, and shades by Sunnies Studios | On Miggy: Jacket and inner top by Cos, pants by Deliver Deliver Daily, shades by Gentle Monster, and rings by Mei Diamonds

Leafing through their years together, Laureen and Miggy realized that while time can be so fast, it also can be so slow with the one you love. And now that they’re bound to spend a lifetime together, they can’t help but be excited for the next pages that will unfold. 

“It really just excites me what the future holds because, again, every single day when I’m with him, it really doesn’t feel [old]. It’s just fresh; it’s still new for me,” Laureen gushed. “He really makes me laugh as if it’s our first date or it’s our first year together. And it makes it even more exciting knowing that I’ll have him by my side all the time.”

Curious about how they spice things up, I asked Laureen and Miggy—this time not as an interviewer but as a wife who’s inspired by how seemingly easygoing the relationship is—“How do you keep things new, since you’ve been together for a while now?” 

“I think a lot of it also has to do with the relationships that we keep. I think as we grew older, we also met new friends that have the same or are in the same position as us. If before, kung ’yung gimik namin would always be to go to clubs—bars—ngayon, we have dinners and wine nights where we can converse and really talk to different people. And it gives us a different perspective,” said Miggy.

Having their own sense of space that allows them to nurture their individuality is also a key element to the success of the Laureen-Miggy tandem. Being their own person outside the relationship is what keeps them excited, too.

“We also have boundaries and I give him his space. I give him his me-time; he gives me my me-time. I think it’s also a big factor that I usually travel a lot for work so when I come home, ang dami namin laging napag-uusapan,” Laureen shared.

Another staple ingredient in romantic relationships, according to Laureen, is going on dates. It doesn’t have to be glamorous all the time, but being able to share intimate moments with your person boosts the humor and the excitement. She said, “It doesn't even have to be a fancy restaurant. We just love to eat and we love to talk. It can be as simple as going to Timezone and doing arcade basketball.”

The ease of their glances at each other and how they handle their relationship reminded me that sometimes, going back to the basics is the best way to go about a relationship. It could be eating hot pots every now and then, like what this powerhouse couple does, renovating the house to their liking and spending as much time as they could in the kitchen, going for peace and quiet during Valentine’s. Or maybe, simply being present in the moment, appreciating each other and not trying to figure out how love will last. 


Photographer: Andrea Beldua

Creative Director: Vince Uy

Editor-in-Chief: Geolette Esguerra 

Sittings Editors: Red Dimaandal, Kate Paras-Santiago, and Grace Libero-Cruz

Fashion Associate: Carla Buyo

Editorial Assistant: Mika Yusay

Videographer: CJ Reyes 

Makeup: Jelly Eugenio, assisted by Jannine Bance

Hairstyling: Justine Ocampo

Styling: Jolo Bartolo, assisted by Stephanie Satorre, Julie Moore, and Ayi Custodio of Stylized Studio

Nails: Elinails and Cath Balingasa of Triple Luck Brow & Nail Salon

Bouquet: Akong Gugma

Burgers from Hungry Homies

Photography Assistants: Mario Pepito and JR Baylon

Shot on location at Rizal Park Hotel

Special thanks to Michelle Garcia-Arce and Ogie Rodriguez

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