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Metro At 30: Lovi Poe On The Importance Of Taking A Break To Be "You" Again

Lovi has been traveling to different parts of the world, and we can tell it's been really great for her, because she's more inspired and driven to do the things she has always loved to do

Being a showbiz royalty doesn’t guarantee a spot in the limelight. In the case of Lovi Poe, her background as the daughter of the “King of Philippine Movies,” the late Fernando Poe Jr., may have helped her enter the scene, but it was certainly because of her own capabilities that she was able to stay in the entertainment industry and carve her own niche.

She’s strikingly beautiful and talented, but what’s even more admirable about her is that beyond her stunning façade is a down-to-earth woman who lives life with a zest for adventure.

It’s A Homecoming! The Metro Cover Girls Return


It’s A Homecoming! The Metro Cover Girls Return

Jacket and shorts by Neric Beltran

On being a Metro woman

Lovi is undeniably one of the sexiest women in local showbiz today. Her easy confidence is one of the things that distinctly make her a Metro woman.

“My first cover was last February 2018 when I got the ‘Most Stylish’ award.’ It was very memorable for me since I got that kind of recognition from a magazine that’s been there for 30 years! I’m just really happy and grateful,” Lovi tells Metro.Style. She and Anne Curtis shared the top spot in the said feature, making the opportunity doubly special for her. Lovi’s style is a good mix of sexy and classy. Her outfits, be it for red carpet events or her travels, always look fabulous. She has become a style icon for many, and having a great sense of style is something that Metro cover girls have in common.

When asked about what being a Metro woman is all about, she says, "A Metro woman would handle anything with grace whether she’s having a bad day or just going through adversity."

She gained this kind of positive disposition with the help of the people around her, as well as those she looks up to. “I feel like it’s just everyday you get influenced by certain people or even as simple as Instagram posts.” Knowing that she, too, can be of influence to others, she makes sure to portray herself as someone people can be inspired by, whether it’s through her dedication to staying fit or her passion for reading books.

Lovi likewise acknowledges the efforts of
Metro in featuring women who have passions that resonate with other women. She shared that working with Metro opened her eyes to more possibilities, especially regarding trying out new styles. “Thank you for putting those aspirational and beautiful women out there and inspiring those women to be the best version of themselves,” she says.

A Metro woman would handle anything with grace whether she’s having a bad day or just going through adversity

Lovi Poe's past Metro covers
Lovi Poe's past Metro covers

On working and living

Lovi has been working since she was about 15. She has reached a point when she wanted to break from all the chaos that is often associated with showbiz. While she’s hardworking, she also knows the importance of stopping and smelling the roses. She shares, “Taking a half-year break was tough for me. It’s like breaking a routine [and] I felt like I needed to hit the reset button. It’s just like a button that I hit—it’s something that’s automatic for me and I wanted it to come from a certain place that’s real. So as an artist, I needed to take a break and be me again.”

She took time off to travel to different countries, showcasing her adventurous side. While she’s away, she kept her fans updated and entertained them through her many beautiful social media posts instead.

When she got her groove back, she returned to the showbiz limelight and starred in the film "The Annulment" with Joem Bascon. Apart from that, she also shares that she started to write music again.

Considering how well rounded she is, we asked her, “What more could a woman like Lovi hasn’t done yet?” She answers, “Weirdly, I’ve never done any action movies or television shows—considering that my dad’s the king of action movies. That’s one thing I want to check off my list.”

Lovi draws strength from her late father. She says, “People loved him not only because of his movies but because of his good heart so that’s one thing that would be nice to imbibe.” When asked about a movie line that would perfectly describe her life, she instantly shared one from an FPJ movie: “Isang bala ka lang. I guess it would be because opportunities come and go so I feel like you should take it with one shot, do your best, and seize the day. Or when you’re talking to someone who speaks negative of you, you sayisang bala ka lang,just kidding!”

You shouldn’t be embarrassed about knowing what you want. You have to choose what makes you happy but of course, not be rude about it. Because at the end of the day, you have no one else to please but yourself and you should be happy about yourself

Blue dress by Steph Tan, ring by Love Rocks Jewelry, and earrings by Jacatel

On beauty and style

Lovi is a Metro woman not only because she’s stylish, she also has a great personality and character. She points out, “The energy you bring says a lot. I try to avoid negative things and negative people as well. I workout, I try to eat healthy, and I always choose to be happy. Cut off negative people for your sanity.”

Instead of following a strict meal plan, she devotes at least an hour a day to work out and sticks to a balanced diet, to maintain those sculpted abs. She reveals, “80% of the time eating healthy, 20% of the time I eat what I want. I did strict diets before and it didn’t work well for me because after that, I started binge-eating.”

It also helps to have an inspiration when it comes to staying fit and healthy, and for Lovi, that would come in the form of Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima. In terms of fashion, she prefers feminine, romantic pieces that accentuate her petite yet toned physique.

Now that year 2019 is almost over, she shares that it’s been one of the most eventful years she's ever had. She’s energized from a long vacation that fueled her to go back to work with more drive and passion for her craft. Lovi shares, “It’s great that I’m finally in touch with my senses. Finally, I feel like I’m me again—and just because I’m me again, I’m just ready to rock and roll and head back to work! That’s the beauty of taking a break. It’s like you cut yourself from that routine and now you’re excited again.”

I think it’s nice to live in a world where women are providers because of hard work... It’s just nice to live in a world where we know that we can do it and it’s not impossible to do things on our own


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