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Metro At 30: Sarah Lahbati Is Ready For The Next Chapter Of Her Life

As she's about to become Mrs. Richard Gutierrez, we celebrate this milestone with another cover feature she can take with her on her new journey

Sultry, classic, and fun are just a few of the things that best define this bombshell beauty, Sarah Lahbati. From the moment she steps inside the room ‘til the time she walks out of it, you’ll find yourself in awe of the striking elegance that envelops her whole character as a mother to Zion and Kai, a wife-to-be to actor Richard Gutierrez (they recently announced that they’re getting married next year!), and an actress.

It's no secret that Sarah faced a challenging phase in her life as she transitioned into motherhood. What's commendable is that, despite all that she had to go through, Sarah reinvented herself to become a woman who considers her real-life role as a young mom as a source of strength and motivation to keep going. In so doing, she gets to be an inspiration to so many moms who follow her journey as well.

From being one of the rising stars, Sarah now finds a sense of fulfillment from knowing that she is able to take care of her family, while still giving herself the chance to do what she wants to do for herself.

It’s A Homecoming! The Metro Cover Girls Return


It’s A Homecoming! The Metro Cover Girls Return


On being a Metro woman

When Sarah started anew in showbiz after giving birth to Zion, one of her projects was the reality show It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez with the rest of the members of the Gutierrez clan. To mark her comeback, Metro featured her on a back-to-back cover with Richard's sister, Ruffa. It was a memorable feature that allowed people to know more about Sarah, and painted her as a style star in the making. She recalls, “This was with Ate Ruffa and it was shot in a grocery store while we were wearing Givenchy and Burberry outfits. It was was so avante-garde and over-the-top for a grocery store and I loved it because it was so extra!”

Since that cover feature, Sarah has evolved to become a woman whose sense of style many admire—from her outfit choices to beauty picks to her take on traveling, there are so many facets to Sarah that are notably inspiring.

A cool mom is how many perceive her as well, and that side of her was showcased in her Metro.Style digital cover with her sons. She says, “Another memorable one was my cover last holidays because we did a cover with my kids. That was our first cover together with Zion and Kai so that was sweet.”

Now that Metro is celebrating its 30th anniversary with the iconic Metro cover girls who continue to inspire, Sarah shares, “It’s always fun working with Metro because they always come up with different ideas. It’s never the same and so unpredictable which I love, and I can’t wait for what’s ahead for Metro.”

Being a Metro cover girl means being a woman who knows how to have fun with fashion. But also, somebody who knows how to evolve and adapt to life’s changes


On her priorities and passions in life

Stepping away from the showbiz limelight to focus on her family was a choice Sarah doesn’t regret making. She makes sure she’s always there for her family, but she also knows the importance of giving oneself ample time to grow and become better as an individual. One thing she’s passionate about is sharing stories through her blog,

“I haven’t been active on TV and movies since giving birth because I decided to really focus on Kai and being there for my kids, but I’m currently very active online. I’m also busy planning our wedding,” she says. This new journey that she and Richard are about to embark on cements her dedication to be a family woman.

While she admits that taking a break from showbiz was really a tough decision to make, she knows that her family tops the list of her priorities. Sarah shares, “Not everyone has the opportunity to be able to take a break and take care of their kids so I’m grateful that I can and did that. I’m thankful that I have Richard and my family’s support.”

As an actress, she realized that the fast-paced industry prompts one to adapt quickly. “You learn so many and grow up quickly because you are in a fast-paced environment. I think one important lesson is to look for that fine line between your private life and your public life.” Though she may seem open about her family life on social media, she makes sure to keep some things for herself and her family. “It’s really important to know when to stop sharing and know when to enjoy your quiet times with your loved ones and private life as well,” she points out.


Sarah is also passionate about the topic of sustainability. She encourages people to recycle and cut down on single-use plastics, saying, “I try to live a sustainable life and share that message to the people as well. I’m not perfect but since we always travel and we go to the beach a lot, we see so much trash and how climate change is affecting our planet. My family tries to personally change and as well as talk about it on social media in hopes to inspire other people to change as well.”

Now that she has the power to influence many people, she maximizes this opportunity to give back to mother nature and spread awareness about her advocacy. Recently, she had the chance to give a talk at the Philippine International Dive Expo to promote sustainable living, and she hopes to do more of these initiatives to really create the changes she hopes to see.


On fashion and beauty

There’s no question about Sarah’s influence, too, when it comes to fashion and beauty. From show-stopping red carpet outfits to amazing beauty looks, Sarah always puts forth something her followers can rave about and be inspired by.

She reveals that her secret to maintaining a youthful glow: “I love spending a lot of time in the bathroom with my beauty products and just pretending I’m in a spa. Spending a lot of time washing my face and massaging my face. Those things I really enjoy whenever I find the time.”

As for her fashion style, she prefers classic pieces: “I think my style is ‘chill chic’ if there’s such a thing. I’m always at the beach so I love good linens and jeans too and once in a while. I also try trendy clothes but I tend to stick to comfortable pieces.”

For someone like Sarah who is very active on social media, she emphasizes that people should not seek validation from the comments and the likes they get online. Social media is fun, yes, but we must not let it affect the way we live; let not the negativity from the cyberworld bleed into the real world. Sarah expresses, “I think people are more aware of themselves because of social media, on how many likes they get, or if this post is okay—I think it’s important to know that you are worth it, amazing, lovable, and smart. Do not compare yourself to others because once you love yourself, it’s easier to live a joyful life and be more loving towards other people.”

Now that she’s gearing up for her return in the spotlight and her upcoming wedding, we are excited to see more of her. “2019 has been a great year for me as my young one, Kai, turned one,” she says. “And as we officially decided to prepare for our wedding, I hope that by the end of this year, I can relax and just look forward to our wedding next year.”

It’s important to know that you are worth it... Do not compare yourself to others


Produced by Kat Cruz-Villanueva, Ceia Ylagan, andJudy Arias

Photography by Seven Barretto

Video by Chapters by Mayad

Styling by Eldzs Mejia

Makeup by Mikka Marcaida

Hairstyling by Myk Feliciano

Sittings editors: Geolette Esguerra, Grace Libero-Cruz, and Kate Paras-Santiago

Production design by Kathy Sy King of Event Styles

Styling assistants: Carl Alberto, Gabby Gamboa, Nix Bueno, Aubrey Cazzandra

Shot on location at City of Dreams Manila

Special thanks to Charisse Chuidian and Romina Gervacio of City of Dreams Manila; C&L Decor, Shop Rent Gala, 4th Wall, and 18th Floristry