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See All The Inspiring Women Featured In Metro.Style's "Fascinating Women" Campaign

We celebrated Women's Month this year by featuring achiever women from different fields. Read about them, and be inspired by the work they passionately do

March had been an especially challenging time for people all over the world, considering the extent of damage continuously caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in various aspects of our lives. 

In the face of this life-changing experience, we now find ourselves turning to stories of positivity to spark hope and uplift the spirit during a period of uncertainty.

So, in line with the International Women's Day last March 8 as well as Women's Month throughout March, Metro.Style put the spotlight on successful, remarkable women from different fields whose latest achievements, inspiring stories, and motivational anecdotes are particularly compelling.

Highlighting the dreams they've realized, the struggles they've experienced, and the achievements they've worked hard for, the features honor and celebrate outstanding Pinays in the entertainment, fashion, art, sports, beauty and fitness, wellness, architecture, and business industries.  

We kicked off our Fascinating Women campaign with cover girl Issa Pressman, a young creative, who opened up about self-love and what it truly means to love fearlessly today. 

EXCLUSIVE: We Can’t Take Our Eyes Off Issa Pressman


EXCLUSIVE: We Can’t Take Our Eyes Off Issa Pressman

Meet the rest of the Fascinating Women below:

Top international model Hannah Locsin

 You can do whatever you set your heart to. Push yourself. Learn from your experiences

MySmile co-founders Janina Manipol and Chiara Echiverri

Janina: 'Since we love seeing people smile, especially kids; that became the backbone of our company. We wanna see more children smile confidently'

Chiara: 'I think being fulfilled is what makes somebody feel successful—and of course being happy. It doesn’t matter what stage you are in or what your status is' 

CrossFitter Isabell Wolfe

...You will not always believe in yourself, so you must have people in your life who will believe in you. Don’t let insecurities and doubt stop you from pursuing things, because in the end we are all just learning to navigate through life

ONELIFE Pilates Studio founder Tanya Maria Aguila

Trust in the power of community and sisterhood. If you are feeling you are alone, have the courage to reach out and trust that your fellow women have got your back

Award-winning actress and successful YouTuber Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo

I don’t please anyone. I please myself... whatever I want to do, I try to do it as much as possible because that's the only time where I can tell myself na, 'Deserve natin 'to'

Box Office Queen Kathryn Bernardo

I think best year ko itong 2019 career-wise and personal kasi ang daming learnings and parang year siya for growth. Very important ang year na 'to sa akin

Award-winning director Cathy Garcia-Molina

The very fact that you're taking one step at a time is already an achievement... To me, you should already be proud of yourself being strong enough to take that leap

Wushu gold medalist Agatha Wong

Success for me isn’t just about the big wins, but also about the little ones... Success to me is a ripple effect; it is the little things that will forge you into success as a person or an athlete

Miss Universe Philippines' new national director Shamcey Supsup

I believe that it's very important that an empowered woman knows who she is and stays true to who she is, no matter the circumstances

In-demand visual artist Paulina Luz Sotto

Art is a fully creative endeavor; it is extremely subjective. And that is also what makes it difficult for many reasons. There’s always that doubt—Will people like this? Will they understand it? Will they be able to relate to it or resonate with it? You just never know unless you put it out there

"Confessions of a Superager" social media influencer Isabella Thorp

To be a 'superager' is a state of mind... It is an attitude of not limiting oneself or being defined by a number or your age. Don’t deny your age, embrace it and celebrate it because there is no age cap to fabulous

Vocal coach and up-and-coming solo artist Katrina Saga

I have given my craft more importance and how my training in the field would be a big investment in the future because I love and enjoy my job. I would like to leave my own legacy in any way I can for future musicians

Fetch Naturals founder / entrepreneur Georgianna Carlos

Women are fascinating because we are fearless. Throughout history, women have been breaking barriers even though they know the possible consequences they will face, whether it is being shunned by society, made fun of, or never taken seriously

Architect Cathy Saldaña

Women must recognize their own strengths and find their niche in whatever chosen life option or career. Young or older, women should lift each other up and engage only in constructive criticism. The concept of sharing and mentoring must be in place. In guiding the younger generation, we prepare and nurture the world’s future 

Theater actress Regina Aquino

Women are capable of anything we aspire to be. We are intuitive, intelligent, resourceful, adaptable. Women can heal other women in ways that men cannot. We must lift each other up, help each other, and by doing so we can truly change the world in a positive way

Metro Channel also had a Women's Month special, featuring the following artists:

Portrait artist Mia Herbosa

On her advice to budding artists: 'Never lose track of why you wanted to be artists in the first place. What is it inside you that drives you to want to create visual statements? Hold on to that and find out by creating your art and bettering it every time. Read, study and look at great art all over the world, in all the greatest museums. Don't just look online but see the real things. Travel'

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Mia's first Egg tempera self portrait: Summer Solstice, 16x20 (2018)

Artist Tessa Mendoza

I've always believed that to be happy, you should pursue what you are passionate about. It's fun, fulfilling, exciting and never tedious. If you can manage to earn a living while doing what you're passionate about, then even better

Photographer Sara Black

It's been years since I've been working on set as a photographer. And I've been getting this question a lot: ‘Are you a photographer or a yoga teacher?’ My answer to that is: ‘I am free.’ We have all been given so many talents; it's a disservice to identify yourself with one profession when you are capable of so much more!

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