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Inspiring Person Of The Week: Georgitta "Beng" Puyat Of Filipina Women's Network

Helping and empowering women is Georgitta's mission in life

Believing in a cause is one thing; supporting and championing it is another. Georgitta “Beng” Pimentel Puyat has realized how much positive change she can contribute by simply putting her faith in the causes she believes in. This is why she has made it her goal to empower as many women as possible—women supporting women. 

Recently, Beng was one of the speakers at the "Leading With Heart: A Global Women's Summit"

Beng is currently the president of Filipina Women’s Network (FWN), a San Francisco-based non-profit, non-partisan international advocacy organization that seeks to increase the power and influence of Filipina women as leaders and policy makers on economic and social justice and women’s rights in the private and public sectors. With members in 31 countries and 23 states in the US, FWN provides "influence, knowledge, and access" to support the success of Filipina women in their businesses and careers.


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Beng has also been a member of the Zonta Club of Makati and Environs for 32 years. It's an organization that pledges to advance the status of women worldwide, a cause that's close to Beng’s heart. As a member, she has initiated projects that have spanned decades, including the award-winning Psychological Center for Sexually Abused Children (ages 3-17) which she founded in 1997. She also founded the East Rembo Livelihood and Skills Training Center in 1990.

She's one of the people behind the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra Society, Inc., the country’s leading orchestra that's widely regarded as one of the top musical ensembles in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as the chairman of its Ladies Committee and the coordinator of its Orchestra Endowment Fund.

Beng is also the chairman of their family business, Philippine Orchard Corporation, which has been around since 1972. The company's mission is to help marginalized farmers maximize their earnings through the company’s innovative protocols, developments, and products.


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Beng believes in leading by example, empowering women by showing them what it means to be empowered. This is why in everything she does, she always exerts an effort in not just inspiring but actually supporting women around her, even her fellow FWN members.

A force of nature when it comes to making a difference, Beng is and will continue to be a woman other women can turn to or even lean on for bettering themselves. 

Photo from Filipina Women's Network