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NGO "Kilos For A Cause" Sets Its COVID-19 Relief Efforts In Motion, One Breakfast Staple At A Time

Here's a piece of good news that's food for the soul: by simply purchasing your favorite breakfast ulam, you can help the frontliners and the families affected by the crisis

Because of a longganisa served one morning for breakfast, Kilos for a Cause was put in motion. Since the enhanced community quarantine was implemented in mid-March, people from all walks of life have come up with their own ways of helping our fellow Filipinos get through the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the eight members of Kilos for a Cause, they found the idea of selling frozen meat products at an affordable price a good opportunity for a fund drive.  

Look! Jon Bon Jovi Washed Dishes At A Charity Restaurant Catering To Those Affected By COVID-19


Look! Jon Bon Jovi Washed Dishes At A Charity Restaurant Catering To Those Affected By COVID-19

“It was the eight day of ECQ, and social media was flooded with posts of medical workers asking for donations to buy Personal Protective Equipment. We were having breakfast and thinking of how to generate funds to help our frontliners. One of the Kilos team members was inspired by the Calumpit longganisa she was eating and thought we can use it to raise funds for our frontliners,” Kilos for a Cause’s Jewrish Mamaril tells Metro.Style.

“Our own relatives who were frontliners were asking us for acetate, plastic covers and trash bags just to create makeshift PPEs,” she adds. At the same time, they saw how households struggle to survive due to, one, loss of income for daily wage workers, and two, the risk of contracting the virus from outdoor activities like going for a grocery run.

So last April 1, they launched this initiative with the goal of not just raising money to buy PPEs for our frontliners but also providing families with cheaper and more accessible food options. Their products range from longganisa to other meat products like tocino and corned beef, which are all available for delivery. 

More Local Celebrities Do Their Part In COVID-19 Relief Efforts


More Local Celebrities Do Their Part In COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Kilos for a Cause partnered with the Manila Protective Gear Sewing Club for the creation of the disposable PPE suits. And currently, they’re sourcing suppliers for masks that will go with the suits, for donation to hospitals.

In their first week alone, Kilos for a Cause has generated almost Php30,000. Fueled by the support from their customers, the group created their BIDA HERO program the following week. This initiative, on the other hand, allows customers to purchase their products which will, in turn, be delivered to their chosen beneficiaries. 

More than a dozen families were part of the first batch of recipients of the Bida Hero program, 85 PPEs have already been given to the National Center for Mental Health, sales of their products continue to increase, and more donations are starting to pour in. 

This fund drive made the group realize how difficult times can bring out the best in people. Staying at home can’t stop us from making a difference and lending a hand to those most in need. During this pandemic, even the small efforts contribute in big ways.

Kilos for a Cause knocks on the hearts of more Filipinos. Jewrish says, “We urge our fellow Filipinos to find creative ways in contributing in the fight against COVID-19. The current crisis is our call to action—our generation’s war. It is our time and opportunity to contribute more for our country.”

Photos from Kilos for a Cause