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This Video Series Highlights Couples "In Health And In Sickness"

The Medical City collaborated with NicePrint Photo to tell the stories of couples going through tough times and celebrating life together

What makes an ideal life partner? Some say that a partner should be kind and caring, helping you through tough times while celebrating the high moments with you. Others say that a lasting partnership is built on a foundation of open communication, trust, and respect. With a reliable partner by one’s side, one can truly live life to the fullest and face any challenge with the assurance that someone will be there to take care of them.

The Medical City (TMC) recently launched a campaign honoring these ideal partners which symbolize its brand philosophy “Where Patients are Partners.” In a heartwarming, relatable video series—which was developed in partnership with veteran photography and videography service provider NicePrint—modern-day couples describe what they see in a perfect partner, which reflects what TMC strives to be for its patients.

Watch the pilot episode below:

“This campaign aims to show that The Medical City is committed to being its patients’ partner in health and in sickness through two-way, world-class healthcare and wellness services,” said Dr. Christian G. Delos Reyes, Chief Marketing Officer. “Patient partnership is acknowledging the patient’s fundamental accountability for his own health, and then supporting this with systems, tools, and venues for education, open communication, and informed choice. This fresh perspective on the patient’s role in healthcare represents a radical departure from the traditional idea of the patient as a passive recipient of medical services.”

The recently launched video officially kicks off the campaign’s series. The upcoming videos will expound more on the perfect partnership which TMC promises for its patients. Delos Reyes shared, “The short films by Nice Print highlight the joy of finding the one, and that relationships are no fairytale as they show how two people in love can weather any storm together.”  

Catch the succeeding episodes on The Medical City's Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Photos courtesy of NicePrint Photo