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WATCH: This Is One Trend Heart Evangelista Thinks Doesn't Suit Her


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Heart Evangelista is the ultimate style icon for many women. We think she looks great in anything, because no matter how simple or laid-back an item is, Heart knows how to elevate its style with tasteful accents. While she loves sticking to the classics, Heart also enjoys experimenting with trends. But if there's one trend she isn't excited to try, Heart says, "I can't wear chunky shoes. It's just really not me! I can't do it!"

In her interview with Metro, Heart also opened up about the most challenging part of dressing up—that is, "if you always seek for acceptance or if you always worry about what people are going to say." 

Watch Heart talk more about her take on what it means to be a truly stylish woman below:




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Photography by Mark Nicdao

Creative direction by Chookie Cruz

Fashion editor: Randz Manucom

Production designer: Nathan Agustin

Makeup by Albert Kurniawan for Teviant

Hairstyling by Jeck Aguilar

Heart is wearing Loewe 

Shot on location at