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WATCH: Here Are The Three Must-Haves In Kim Jones' Stylish Wardrobe


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"To me, what makes a stylish woman isn't really about any kind of outward appearance. Being stylish is having an awareness I think and a consciousness of the world today," says digital creative Kim Jones. Kim has a wardrobe of exquisite pieces that are always well put together, curated to a point that they showcase who she is as a person and what she believes is the style that complements her personality and lifestyle.

But while having this covetable wardrobe certainly adds to why a lot of women look up to her, it's what she's doing to push boundaries, achieve her dreams, and make her voice heard that makes her even more admirable.

Watch Kim talk more about her take on what it means to be a truly stylish woman below:   




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Photography by Shaira Luna 

Creative direction by Kim Jones

Fashion editor: Randz Manucom

Makeup by Anthea Bueno

Hairstyling by Suyen Salazar

Kim is wearing Louis Vuitton