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#MetroMostStylish2019: Top 21-30 Best-Dressed Ladies

We are now down to our Top 21-30 ladies in our #MetroMostStylish2019 Top 50 list. These women express their individualities through classic and sophisticated outfits put together with hints of feminine and bold twists. Take cues from them whether for your daily attire or special occasion-appropriate ensembles: 


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Cara Sumabat-Limjap


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On the surface, Cara Sumabat-Limjap’s looks are all about no-fuss pieces that transcend trends and radiate an unpretentious charm. But being in the business of fashion herself, the Halo Halo Store and rsvp entrepreneur adds another layer to her style philosophy which is functionality. “I always believe in function, with everything. From a product, an item of clothing, a bag, or an entire outfit, there has to be balance that allows one to be purposeful,” she claims. Her sartorial picks go deeper than what meets the eye as she prefers “pieces made with an intention." Every detail in a Cara Sumabat outfit–be it the material or the cut–seems to have been consciously curated to achieve her understated yet au courant fashion girl appeal.



Mandy Dela Rama-Santos


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For someone who breathes fashion from 9 to 5, brand director and designer for Branded Lifestyle, Inc. Mandy Santos has already grown a sense of detachment from the hype of shopping. “I don’t really care about fashion anymore. It’s not about purchasing, it’s about ‘getting rid (of the unnecessary),’” she says. But her refined taste has allowed her to build a wardrobe that doesn’t rely on the fast turnover of trends, but rather on pieces that never grow old, as she reveals, “I’m using a lot of my old things. I still have shirts I still use from 20 years ago.” As a mom, she finds the joy of shopping not in gratuitous intentions, but in the bond that she gets to cultivate with her teenage daughter. “When she wants to go shopping, it’s not a chore for me anymore. I enjoy it when she asks for my advice—which never happens,” she says. “And we share clothes!”



Karen Davila


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If we’re talking about classic power dressing, then there’s no one else to turn to other than Karen Davila. The ABS-CBN and ANC anchor is known to be a champion for local artisans, wearing local designers for key occasions such as Rajo Laurel and Anthony Ramirez for weddings last year, and Lulu Tan Gan at the KaLIKHAsan Ball. When asked about her style influence, the award-winning broadcast journalist cites Donna Karan as her go-to inspiration whose empowering design philosophy is reflected on Karen’s everyday wardrobe choices. But despite her seemingly well thought-out looks, her fashion mantra lies in effortlessness. Karen opts for “everything easy, nothing too curated or put together to the point that it’s unnatural or unspontaneous” which is a timeless style lesson that every woman should pick up as they mature into their fashion journey.



Kimi Yap-Sy


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For a fresh and feminine look, Kimi Yap is the go-to stylist of stars like Kathryn Bernardo and Erich Gonzales. And just like the magic she works on her celebrity clients, Kimi’s own sense of style is all about classic romance with a chic twist. As evident in her choice of designers such as Martin Bautista, Vania Romoff, Anthony Ramirez, Patricia Santos, and Michael Cinco (who designed her wedding gown), the 29-year-old style maven has an ever-present dreaminess in each of her looks. “When it comes to personal style, wear clothes that make you feel like yourself,” she advises. “Never limit yourself to trends. It’s important to feel good with what you wear.” Some of our favorite fashion moments from last year include her engagement party where she wore a romantic blue Marchesa gown and her head-to-toe Chanel look for her bridal shower.



Kai Lim

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One thing that you’ll instantly notice in any of Kai Lim’s looks is a distinct level of effortless grace. Perhaps, it’s the way she artfully takes on menswear-inspired pieces with a knowing touch of femininity. She says, “Fashion is a visual representation of your personality. You are putting something out there, whether you are aware of it or not. This goes beyond fleeting trends.” As a wife, mother, and entrepreneur, she has acquired a wisdom that goes beyond the ephemeral and latches on what perseveres. “Style is more than your clothes, it’s the way you live, the way you choose things.” Some of our favorite OOTDs from last year include her Alice+Olivia ensemble, her Joey Samson deconstructed gown for the Red Charity Gala, and Joey Samson terno with a Ramon Valera bib for the Ternocon event.



Felicia Atienza


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Felicia Atienza has an ingenious quality in the way she injects fun in her style. And it seems that the educator and environmentalist is winging her game at ageless fashion. Perennially youthful without looking overdone, Felicia shares, “I guess what’s most important for me is really dressing [up as] what reflects your character and your persona, and not trying to be someone you’re not.” Being a homemaker may be her top priority, but it wouldn’t hurt to be the coolest mom in the block, would it?



Kathy Yap-Huang

Photo courtesy of Kathy Yap-Huang


As a combat sports enthusiast and a mom of two, Kathy Yap-Huang can “go from jeans and a tee, to workout gear, to a sweatshirt and Timberlands.” She’s the kind of woman who feels content as well as empowered when she’s comfortable in the clothes that she’s wearing. But just like her lifestyle, her fashion sense is also just as multi-faceted. As a businesswoman and a frequent face in society events, she also has the seamless ability to stun in formalwear. “I have learned to appreciate craftsmanship and proper tailoring,” she says, which is evident in her straight-forward evening picks that exude a fine taste in all things classic.



Liz Uy


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An editor, stylist, and global street style darling, Liz Uy is a fixture in Manila’s most stylish set. With her zesty take on fashion, her looks will always be a visual feast as she has mastered the art of mixing and matching. She can pull off layers on top of layers, experiment with various silhouettes, and indulge in bold color palettes without coming off as overwhelming. And even if she does, it’s not in her nature to be bothered by anyone’s opinion on what she’s wearing. “I dress for my own liking,” she says. “It’s fun!”



Katrina Razon


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Entrepreneur and DJ Katrina Razon has a sense of style that’s just as spirited as her lifestyle. Visually, her flair for fashion reflects her influences in terms of music and travel, ranging from festival-ready prints to resort-style silhouettes. But a closer look at her wardrobe picks will tell you that this girl boss is all about mindful fashion as she actively supports under-the-radar talents, opts for locally produced pieces, and prioritizes craftmanship above anything else. “When you support a brand, you support every seamstress and stakeholder of that brand,” she says. If you’re not following her on Instagram yet, then it’s high time that you do, because her feed is a goldmine of inspiration for the eclectic at heart.



Nikki Huang

Photo courtesy of Nikki Huang


Nikki Huang is only 18, but her charm lies precisely in this. Combine her upbringing in a family of fashion retailers with her youthful confidence, and you’ve got a girl who’s well-versed in class and sass. Whether she’s flaunting her figure-flattering, midriff-baring picks or letting her refined travel style do all the talking, Nikki is obviously running in a different league as compared to other identity-seeking Gen Z teens. “I think people don’t realize that how they dress says so much about who they are, who they’re trying to be, or where they’re at in life,” she wisely puts. With her ever-evolving sense of style, we have zero doubt that this young lady is turning heads wherever her Louboutins take her.


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