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#MetroMostStylish2019: Top 31-40 Best-Dressed Ladies

Continuing our Metro Most Stylish line-up, we’ve got the next 10 you’ve been waiting for. Meet the Top 31-40 best-dressed ladies.

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Laureen Uy


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Laureen started blogging and vlogging even before influencers became a thing. And with her flair for fashion and her ability to churn out content, she really has earned her clout in the fashion and beauty world, and surely, would be one of those fashion blogs that people will keep coming back to.

As a fashion enthusiast, Laureen can and will dress anyway she wants. She can rock any outfit and make it look like the next hot runway item, from a pair of joggers to oversized jackets. And for someone who loves to travel like her, the way she mixes sporty and laid-back pieces with elegant touches comes in handy. She proves that one doesn’t have to compromise comfort for style, running around in sneakers, denims, and large jackets—and looking really damn good.



Joey Mead-King


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She is a model, runway coach, and Metro channel’s Women of Style host all rolled into one. That’s how you know Joey loves and belongs in the limelight. But despite her panache for the camera, Joey is the most down-to-earth and quirky woman anyone would have the pleasure of talking to.

This kind of flamboyance and fun that encapsulates Joey’s character shows also in how she carries herself. With a great body sculpted by hard work, a great mindset, and healthy eating, she is able to rock any outfit, elevated with bold and colored pieces that mirror her fun and flirty attitude. Expect her to come crashing the door with red cowboy boots, or put a spunk into a regular gown with an embroidered leather jacket.

Even her formal outfits are extra AF, like her Alex Perry gown to the ABS-CBN Ball which was screaming red and embroidered like there’s no tomorrow. And with a body like hers, even a simple silhouette like this can dazzle any room.



KC del Rosario


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KC has indeed proved herself to be more than the daughter of Brunei’s Prince, Jefri Bolkiah. Because when it comes to fashion, this modern-day princess can hold herself really well, having graduated from Raffles Design Institute and having took up a course at the prestigious Central Saint Martins. Her face is also one for the books, and she is the ambassador choice of many makeup brands in the country.

This love and passion for fashion really shows in the way she carries and dresses herself, may it be for an everyday stroll or for a high-profile party in the metro. When it comes to her style, KC prefers striking colors and textures, and silhouettes that highlight her figure. She also admits that half of her wardrobe belongs to Boom Sason, a local designer she trusts to capture her youthful and bold sense of style. That’s why when an occasion to dress up arises, expect KC to arrive in the most figure-hugging, sparkle-studded or lace-intricate, gown that will turn heads and capture the spotlight.



Rissa Mananquil-Trillo


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Rissa is the authority when it comes to anything beauty. A beauty columnist and founder of skincare-meets-makeup brand Happy Skin, Rissa has finally found the perfect venue to celebrate Filipino beauty and local products.

In line with her advocacy and her brand, Rissa does emanate and glow with beauty every time she steps into a room. As they say, a woman’s best accessory is her smile—and that she never fails to wear, whether it’s work, with family, or going out for fun.

And when it comes to her everyday fashion, as a girl boss, Rissa is almost always in structured suits and smart casual clothes, which she dresses up with statement rings and necklaces. But when she dresses up, she dresses real well! Sticking to classic silhouettes and clean lines, Rissa showcases her hard-earned figure (thank you, Pilates!) and stunning jawline in this all-white Rhett Eala gown for the People Management Association of the Philippines’s 30th anniversary.



Maggie Wilson-Consunji


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Of Scottish, Irish, Filipino, Spanish, and Chinese-descent, Maggie Wilson really has carved out a niche for herself in the media industry. From being an actress and beauty queen, Maggie has now transitioned to full-time beach bum as the host of Metro Channel’s Beached, a lifestyle show that visits and highlights the best beaches in the country.

Embodying her title as the hottest beach bum in town, Maggie really looks best when she’s in her element: at the beach. Showcasing her hard-earned body and tan, Maggie has curated her Instagram to become a beach bum’s haven. From swimsuit shots that highlight her figure and the places she goes to, to alluring and comfortable beachwear, Maggie has indeed found her home.



Mikka Padua


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Mikka started her career in the fashion and retail industry with big fashion and jewelry brands, before relocating to Singapore to support her husband’s career. And when she went back to the Philippines, she saw how fashion, retail, and technology have started to give birth to a new generation of lifestyle needs and demands: ergo, she started Seek the Uniq, a private label that prioritizes curated, lifestyle-driven products that can be accessed and experienced online.

As “commander-in-chic” of Seek the Uniq, Mikka embodies the kind of branding that the label communicates: unique, stand-out, and extraordinary. And she carries this kind of extraordinary flair wherever she goes and whatever she does, whether it’s visiting her boutique store or going places for "bleisure"—a term that means business plus pleasure, which is something that on-the-go women like her lives for.

She has also mastered the A-line game, channeling classic and elegant A-lines in whatever outfit she’s wearing—whether it’s something uber casual to wear on an island life getaway, or something formal when she means business. But really, her flair and sophistication show when she’s out in the world, traveling and carrying with her the sass of her brand and herself.



Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi


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Twenty four-hour work days and all-day, all-night parties—that was the old life for Stephanie. Now, she has chosen the more chill life, preferring to spend her days with her husband, Jonathan, and their two sons, Sebastian and Maximillian.

From party clothes and fancy dresses, this foodie, traveler, writer, and host has finally traded her fashion and wardrobe for travel-friendly and comfortable pieces. If you’re looking for an inspiration for your next travel holiday, look out for her beach OOTDs that flaunt her amazing body; her comfortable ensembles for when you’re heading somewhere cold; or something comfortable and classic for a long-haul flight or for walking down a shopping district.

But while she prefers comfort and the warmth of home nowadays, Stephanie still dazzles when there’s opportunity to do so—but she does so practically. Trusting seasoned designer Rajo Laurel for her black tie outfits, she re-wears two separate Rajo pieces for her stunner look at the Red Charity Gala 2018. Talk about classic and versatile fashion!



Charmaine Lagman


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Lady boss Charmaine has it tough for her. She is not only the founder of tech company Interpoint Consultancy Network Systems Inc., she is also at the helm of construction company MC Geometric. Talk about demanding jobs! Because of this, she really has to dress the part: in commanding suits and tailored dresses that speak of her status and influence.

But on the other side of this tough boss is a mother, who loves to travel around with her family. From laid-back travel wear to full-on fur to weather the winter weather, she knows what to wear—and how to wear it! She is also quite the lady to carry a dress or a gown.



Carla del Prado


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Food and antiques aren’t everything that Carla del Prado is about. Because when it comes to her personal style, she is not bound by trends or brands—she is a whole new level class of her own. Although Carla and her husband Joel are based in Cebu, the couple always makes time to be in Manila for businesses and events.

Carla has a way of rocking daring silhouettes, irregular lines, and bold prints and colors. She can also carry a set (or two!) of pearls effortlessly, without looking over the top or too much. But when she decides to go clean and simple, she can don an all-black or all-white ensemble really well, just like her regal lace number at Metro Society’s kaLIKHAsan Ball.



Nicole Tantoco-de los Reyes

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Some expected fashion to be of second nature to her, as the daughter of Rustan Commercial Corporation president Donnie Tantoco and wife Crickette. But it actually took a while for her to get comfortable with fashion, only emerging from her shell and into the fashion world after spending some years working in lifestyle magazines like Metro Society. And now that she has decided to join the family business as an associate research assistant for Rustan's, her sense of fashion and style is also starting to mature.

A fan of elegant silhouettes and pieces, Nicole brings a certain classic and romantic flair in how she dresses herself. During her Despedida de Soltera, Nicole donned a beautiful white layered dress with pink details that oozed of femininity and class. And perhaps her biggest style moment from last year was her wedding, when she wore, for the first time, a custom gown from Jojie Lloren. An epitome of her simple and classic style, the gown was a simple callado piña and French lace, with a structured detailing at the back reminiscent of orchids.


Stay tuned for more Metro Most Stylish, coming soon!