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#MetroMostStylish2019: Kim Jones


Digital creative Kim Jones forges her own way to a truly authentic life set to change the world one idea at a time, as she uses her voice and platform to inspire many to embrace their selves. In this special, she collaborates with Metro as Creative Director to shape the visual narrative of the jet set life. 

Because of what she does, and who she is married to, it’s easy to attempt to put her in boxes. Model-muse, most definitely. Blogger, if one can still use that word, is an attempt to capture her past, when blogs were still a thing. Influencer comes in next, because that’s what bloggers have progressed into, but that description likewise begs further prodding. It is more of an adjective than a noun, and no sooner does one say influencer than one can say pusher, peddler, or even, endorser. What we settle on are mere facts: Digital creative.

“It isn’t the easiest route to take, especially in the influencer age, I constantly get put in certain boxes,” she says, calling to mind our discomfort over how to describe her.

“It’s so much more about having a voice,” she adds. And while this might have turned off many brands, clients even followers, especially in the country, it has also opened doors to other markets internationally who are more accepting of the idea.

“It’s a process, by no means the easy way out. But it’s so important for my audience to see I’m just as invested in what I put my mind and my soul into. And that it’s communicated. Whether that be as small as styling with clothes,” she says, or creating a film, or photography, lighting, and so on, she is on board.

It seems as if she has run the gamut of creative endeavors—from muse to influencer, to creator and director. Last year, she began The Fore, a collaboration line that celebrates local ingenuity and craftsmanship by rallying behind brands towards the global market. Through a series of collaborations, the first being with accessories designer Ken Samudio, The Fore furthers the discussion of artistry and attempts to find a means for it to extend its reach. Her next collaboration was with bag line Bagasao, launched late last year.

The idea this year, she says, is to introduce more interdisciplinary collaborations—with Kim as Creative Director—as she continues working with industrial designers, artists, filmmakers, musicians, writers.

“To create this community of talent all over the world—we’re super excited,” she gushes.


“[Fashion is] a tool for me—it has afforded me these amazing opportunities in my life that eight years ago, when I moved to the Philippines, I would never have thought possible.”



Photos from @kimcamjones


Read the full story on Kim Jones and why we love her style in Metro magazine's latest issue, out on stands soon!


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Text by Geolette Esguerra

Photography by Shaira Luna 

Creative direction by Kim Jones

Fashion editor: Randz Manucom

Makeup by Anthea Bueno

Hairstyling by Suyen Salazar

Kim is wearing Louis Vuitton