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#MetroMostStylish2019: Top 11-20 Best-Dressed Ladies

Continuing our Metro Most Stylish lineup, we’ve got the next 10 you’ve been waiting for. Meet the Top 11-20 best-dressed ladies.

Be sure to come back as we reveal more of the #MetroMostStylish2019 list.


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Gretchen Barretto

Photography by Cyrus Panganiban for Metro.Style


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Nobody can forget Gretchen Barretto’s central influence on Philippine fashion in the ‘90s. The era before social media, all eyes were glued to television screens, awaiting what La Greta would wear next. Whenever she would don a fashion trend (who else remembers her iconic white off-shoulder top?), thousands of Filipinas soon went on the hunt for the exact piece. Through and through, she’s a style icon worth following.

Decades have passed, and Gretchen remains to be one of the most fashionable women in the country. Even Stefano Gabbana, the co-founder of Dolce & Gabbana, knows this for a fact—he even re-posted the celebrity’s outfit on Instagram! Known for her impeccable sense of style, the veteran actress, singer, and mother never fails to inspire her followers with her OOTDs—a mix of classic and contemporary, casual and sophisticated.


Paloma Zobel


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Paloma Zobel’s mission is simple: to shine the spotlight on local artisans across the Philippines. In 2016, the Parsons School of Design graduate co-founded Piopio, a local lifestyle label that fuses traditional Filipino fabrics with everyday wear. Incorporating unique weaves into casual, contemporary pieces (denim jackets, halter tops, coordinates, you name it!), Piopio releases wearable, proudly Filipino collections that cater to the free-spirited individual. True to Paloma’s advocacy of preserving Filipino heritage and craftsmanship, she and her mother, Bea Zobel Jr., also founded Kalye Artisano, a Pinoy arts and crafts community in the beautiful island of El Nido.

Local, sustainable, and pro-community. This is the future of Filipino fashion.



 Amina Aranaz-Alunan


Take one look at it, and you’d know it’s Aranáz. The proudly local brand has been releasing ultra chic straw bags even before they became trendy worldwide. That’s how much impact Amina Aranaz-Alunan, who is also the co-founder of the SoFa Design Institute, has made in the Philippine bag industry. 

When asked about her personal style, she recounts, “I have always leaned towards an ‘old world aesthetic’ when femininity and being ‘well put together’ was the norm. The fashion pieces themselves inspire me! When I spot something that makes me giddy, I am inspired to think up ways on how to wear them.” True enough, the model and fashion designer always exudes a classic, timeless elegance that is difficult to replicate.



Mari Jasmine


Ready for people watching + waterfront views at @omniabali ??

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Clean, minimalist, and feminine, Mari Jasmine’s wardrobe is paradise for the woman on-the-go. “I’m definitely conscious of the fact that many people see how I dress, so I try to promote local brands, as well as ethical brands,” she quips. Her carefully curated list of go-to local brands include Metrowear Icon Vania Romoff, CJ Cruz, who’s known for championing elements of Filipino culture, and Araw the Line. When she’s not thrift shopping abroad, she also likes shopping from international labels like TARA, a brand that works to support women in the Philippines.

Even with over 340K followers on Instagram, the model and business owner, who is happiest when she’s in sneakers, hasn’t fully wrapped her head around the fact that many people look up to her style. “I don’t really feel like I have much authority when it comes to it; I’m still learning all the time. I’m just grateful and I hope I can use my platform in ways beyond being a style icon.” 



Marie Lozano


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In a sea of people, one cannot not find entertainment news reporter Marie Lozano. Aside from her covet-worthy wardrobe, her confidence and grace never fail to capture anyone’s attention—even Drew Barrymore’s. During an interview last year, the Hollywood star couldn’t help but fawn over Marie’s statement earrings, seahorse pieces designed by Ken Samudio, which the journalist happily gifted after the presscon.

Aside from rubbing elbows with celebrities and A-listers daily, a quick scroll through Marie’s Instagram feed reveals her deepest passions: career, travel, and fashion. The journalist has an affair with neutrals, tailored pieces, and knee-high boots. Whether she’s skiing in Bulgaria, basking under the sun in Greece, or watching air balloons float in Cappadocia, expect Marie to turn every breathtaking trip into an unforgettable style moment.



Camille Co


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Camille Co was one of the pioneers of the Philippine fashion blogging industry, but she didn’t use that as an excuse to stop evolving in her craft. With over 500K followers on Instagram, the fashion designer and influencer managed to stay relevant in this fast-paced, ever-changing industry.

Known for coming up with outfits worth the double take, Camille’s versatile style is anything but predictable. For the fashion designer and entrepreneur, traveling the world allows her to continuously stay ahead in the game. “I think exposing yourself to different styles, cultures, and the fashion world is the best way to hone one’s style. If I wasn’t so exposed to all these, I don’t think I’d have the style I have now. And my style wouldn’t evolve. It’ll just be stagnant. Where’s the fun in that?” she quips.



Pie Alvarez


??????The snake will always bite back ??????XOXO GG aka GalungGong. ??????

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At 21 years old, Carmela “Pie” Alvarez left her dream career at luxury house Chanel to shatter the glass ceiling. Soon enough, she’d become the youngest mayor in the Philippines. 

She’s been dedicating her life to public service since 2010, but Pie managed to inject fashion into her life by opening retail powerhouse Love, Candypie (LCP). Her online boutique offers the finest selections of RTW pieces, home décor, and body products sourced from all over the world. From showcasing Filipino weaving patterns and South Asian tapestry to creating flirty, feminine pieces, LCP gives us a glimpse of Pie's personal style: a mix of classic, adventurous, and no-nonsense.


Samantha Richelle


#tb to #lfw ???? . S/O to @juju.icesan ??

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Born into Bruneian royalty, Samantha’s androgynous style is the opposite of what one would consider royal fashion. And that’s exactly why she made it to this list. Always experimental, her edgy, unapologetic outfits are a breath of fresh air.

The fashion designer, Instagram celebrity, and mother recently launched her namesake label, introducing her own take on streetstyle: classic, powerful silhouettes that transcend time. She tells Metro, “I love clothes. I understand completely what clothes can do to a person. It definitely makes me happy because it’s a way of expressing yourself, your personality.” While she confesses to not following a particular style, she does admit to being adventurous. “I like to experiment with different looks. [And] as long as I feel good about myself walking out the door, I’m happy.”

Rosanna Ocampo-Rodriguez


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At the age of 12, veteran designer Rosanna Ocampo already knew her purpose: she was meant to create dresses that would help women embrace their beauty. After studying fashion in Europe for five years, and after eleven years in the industry, Rosanna has become the go-to of society personalities like Dr. Aivee Teo, Steph Kienle-Gonzalez, Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi, and Joey Mead King.

Known for her feminine, whimsical pieces, Rosanna’s RTW line is a reflection of her personal style. “Ten years ago, I would never have imagined myself going RTW because I was very anti-RTW,” the designer quips. But her personal experiences led her to making this bold move. “I was pregnant that time...I didn’t want to go out [and party] anymore...and I was looking for dresses that look nice in the daytime. I also wanted to wear jeans and still look dressy—but I couldn’t find anything.”  

Today, the designer is set to continue making beautiful pieces perfect for every woman.



Kyle and Kerry Tinga


Kyle and Kerry Tinga have different tastes in fashion—but that’s exactly why they’re the perfect duo. After all, the intention with which they approach fashion is one thread that ties them together. Kyle, a sustainable transport specialist, has an edgy approach to her everyday dress wear. “My daily style is the ‘triple F’: fashionable, functional, and fun!” With that, Kyle accentuates simple styles with bright, outgoing patterns, picking out rompers, dresses, and Kimono shirts flushed with color.

On the other hand, Kerry can be found at the MINT School of Fasion. As anticipated, her style is modern and trendy, “somewhere at the intersection of bohemian and disco,” she explains. And while Kyle dotes on her Alexander Wang black leather jacket, her biggest fashion splurge, Kerry loves pieces with special provenance. “I love accessories with a story behind them, whether historical, cultural, or personal.” Aside from vintage and antiques, Kerry’s favorite is the Art Nouveau movement, “a beautiful and elegant reflection of nature and the living world.”


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