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#MetroSocietyMostInfluential: Haut Monde (Part 2)






For society’s most followed, the common features are the reasons that drive their popularity. They live a life of privilege as they pursue a career or passion. They work hard, play hard, and reward themselves in ways that incite admiration, envy, and awe. The active use of social media is an attribute that fuels their success coupled with the willingness to open their lives and share all the wonderful details with the world.



Kris Aquino



Happy weekend! Embracing my #attitudeofgratitude ♥?♥?♥?

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Facebook: 1.2M

Instagram: 3.4M

Twitter: 1.5M

YouTube: 158K


Even before the word “influencer” was widely used, the “Queen of All Media” Kris Aquino already embodied its definition. She’s in a league of her own as an enterprising media-savvy celebrity with the ability to set trends, stir meaningful conversations, and influence lifestyle choices. Known for being hardworking and extremely dedicated to her craft, Kris built a successful showbiz career while growing her personal brand and ultimately establishing herself as one of the most influential personalities in the country. This plus her willingness to open her life with all its trials and tribulations endeared her to her millions of fans and followers. Over the years, Kris has become a role model of many for her smart perspective, strong personality, sense of humor, incredible candidness, and sheer authenticity. All these ingredients that have contributed to making her a household name and a successful TV personality, the mom of two now brings to the cyberspace. Building a new home in the digital world, Kris has adapted to the changing times and created a bridge online that connects her and brings her closer to people from all walks of life, including the millennials. Her online following gets bigger and bigger everyday, cementing her reputation as—and bestowing her a new title—“Queen of Online World and Social Media.”     


Dr. Vicki Belo



Facebook: 223K

Instagram: 1.3M

Twitter: 644K


Dr. Vicki Belo has it all: a soaring business, a handsome and caring husband, loving children, and supportive friends and colleagues. All of these give her a certain kind of glow that reflects the total contentment and happiness she has in her life now. Her love for all things fun, feminine, and luxurious fuels her online presence as she delights her followers with a peek into her many exciting encounters at work and play. But more than showcasing the best things about living a life like hers, this doctor to A-listers also uses her online clout to inspire others to believe in the possibility of becoming the best versions of themselves. Sharing success stories of how she’s helped many boost their confidence and self-esteem definitely keeps her fans visiting her social media accounts again and again.



Gretchen Barretto



To give in to temptation or not?? @jewelmer love lives on ?? photo credit Don Mario Que ??

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Instagram: 847K


The woman that made Barretto a household name as an actress evolved to be one of Manila’s favorite celebrity muses and style icons. The always glamorous Gretchen Barretto accomplished an epic comeback in showbiz in 2010 with all the fanfare that comes with anything this lady gets into. These days, the devout supporter of high fashion brings the same larger-than-life and dazzling energy to get to another arena she has chosen to conquer: the gym. She’s made her followers gasp, applaud, and stare at their screens with awe and admiration with every push-up, crunch, sit up, and weight lifting video she posts, effectively sending her fans the message that an active lifestyle—and an enviable body—is totally achievable if you put your mind to it. Gretchen is the living embodiment of balancing indulgence with exercise, making her the online fitspiration of many. Her being a cool mom is also showcased on her social media accounts as she posts many of her bonding moments with her daughter, Dominique, attending gatherings, traveling, and even working out together.



Bianca Araneta-Elizalde




A post shared by Bianca Elizalde (@biancaelizalde) on


Instagram: 73K


Even before reading the heartfelt captions that accompany her beautiful photos, it’s clear what anchors and motivates mother, model, environmentalist, and restaurant owner Bianca Araneta-Elizalde: her family. Her social media accounts are littered with snaps of her four daughters and husband enjoying family time like no other—all of which are so heartwarming to click through! Complementing this are the much-appreciated snippets of information Bianca regularly shares with her followers that advise them on the best family-friendly restaurants, travel destinations, activities, and products to visit or buy to keep kids and parents alike happy and healthy. Bianca's a real-life hands-on mom who simply wants the best for your family, too, and she's wielding the power of her digital assets to help others out.



Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi




Instagram: 41.5K

Twitter: 13.8K


There’s not a single day that TV host, food lover, avid traveler, and lifestyle journalist Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi does not appreciate. She finds joy in everything—from marveling at her children's cuteness, enjoying a sip of amazing wine, or watching the sun slowly rise or set in a new destination. You'll see all of that and more on her website and Instagram account where she constantly reminds her thousands of followers about the importance of never letting life pass you by. The theme that binds her online presence is simple: regardless of how many priorities, deadlines and stressors come at you, never forget what truly matters at the end of the day. In Stephanie's case—and which she hopes will be the case for her followers, too—this means putting home and family first, no matter what.


*Figures are as of February 27, 2018


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