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WATCH: Bea Valdes Shares Her Thoughts On What It Truly Means To Be Stylish


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Classic and elegant are two words that best describe designer Bea Valdes' fashion style. Whether she's clad in a fringed sleeveless top with denim jeans or a timeless LBD, she always exudes sophistication that can only come from a woman who has a clear grasp of her signature aesthetic. For Bea, discovering your personal style is a journey, and entails "more of an evolution than an abrupt change."

Asked about the best part of dressing up, she says, "Just having fun with it, I think that's the best part." 

Watch Bea talk more about her take on what it means to be a truly stylish woman below:




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Photography by Seven Barretto 

Creative direction by Chookie Cruz 

Fashion editor: Randz Manucom 

Production designer: Gelique Castro 

Makeup by Rea Aquino 

Hairstyling by Patty Inojales

Shot on location at Discovery Primea

Special thanks to West Elm, Pottery Barn, and SSI